Singapore Youth Theatre

Singapore Youth Theatre is a holistic theatre-making programme created especially for young people from the ages of 13 to 17. Our mission is to provide them with a platform to tell their own stories: to make and present theatre that speaks to and for their own generation.

Participants will gain first-hand experience of how to make theatre – from writing and directing to performing. At the end of the programme, participants will stage an original production under the guidance and direction of a professional creative team.

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Wild Rice’s Singapore Youth Theatre programme is supported by the FMAS Trampoline Fund, managed by The Majurity Trust.


Testimonials From Our Alumni!

"Through this programme, I’ve really come to realise that there’s so much more to life in Singapore and that the theatre scene is seriously so robust and so beautiful. And learning more about the Singapore theatre scene has also led me to learn more about the arts scene in general, which is also so incredible and full of culture."

Dorthy Wang (2021)

"The workshop with Ivan Heng was such an enlightening and impactful experience – I am so grateful to have been able to work with Ivan and it was so helpful to see a professional work on the stage. Not only did he help us with the technical aspects of projecting our voices and performing on a thrust stage, he also inspired me to have fun and enjoy myself during the show."

Niamh Toner (2021)

"I loved getting the opportunity to expand my own understanding and awareness of theatre and its various forms. For instance, I gained more insight into the world of puppetry. I found it extremely interesting how even a piece of paper can become a puppet. Now, I'd be more willing to include puppetry as an aspect that I can further explore in theatre pieces that I may create in the future."

Josiah Tan (2021)



Audience Reviews

“… they took that stage like seasoned warriors, holding audiences captive with their sincere conviction and heartfelt emotion of their performances, [and] winning [us] over with the purity and clarity of their intention and vision. Tears streamed down my face both times at the final scene.”

Ellie Tee

“It feels so good to be back home. [These really are] our future leaders and talents and I have no doubt [about] Singapore’s future theatre industry… everything was so cleverly written and I really enjoyed how these young actors played the nuances of each character.”

Samantha Ng


Audience Reviews

"I am incredibly impressed by the performers, given their age! The play was very well-scripted, and the issues raised were very pertinent, particularly to Singapore. I am glad I brought my own teenagers to watch their contemporaries perform in a production that I hope will give them food for thought. Well done, Singapore Youth Theatre!"

Adelene Ho

"Love the whole concept of using a board game to portray life in Singapore. Very refreshing, succinct, impactful and thought-provoking. I enjoyed the whole show; every character is impactful, representing the different stages/situations one faces in life. Awesome!"

Maureen Lee

About Our Programme Director

Thomas Lim made his professional debut as a playwright and director with Grandmother Tongue, which was performed in Teochew, English and Mandarin. His sophomore work, Supervision, won Best Original Script at the 2019 Straits Times Life! Theatre Awards. Other writing credits include Straight Acting and Peter Pan in Serangoon Gardens. He has worked as a drama educator in secondary schools and junior colleges across Singapore, and is currently the Associate Artistic Director for Youth and Education at Wild Rice.