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Home Is Where The Heart Is for Edith Podesta

You Are Here resonates with director Edith Podesta in more ways than one – she’s been in Singapore since 2006, and has called it home ever since. We chat with her about her own migration story, and what inspires her about the show.

From Music to Multimedia – Meet Mervin Wong!

Mervin Wong loves creating new worlds and finding new ways to make music and tell stories. Find out how this classical musician found his way to designing the immersive audience experience for You Are Here!

Here and Now with Pooja Nansi

We chat with poet, playwright and performer Pooja Nansi about digging into her family archives for You Are Here – her tender, illuminating solo show about what it means to find a place to call home.

Fat Chance with Miriam Cheong

We grabbed our chance to chat with Miriam Cheong about The Other F Word, her professional playwriting debut. Find out how she was inspired to write this play, and what being a fat activist means to her!

Audrey Luo’s Animal Instincts!

In The Amazing Celestial Race, Audrey Luo plays multiple characters at a breakneck speed. It’s exhausting work – but also rewarding. Find out how she survives this intense show and what she loves about getting to perform live again!
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