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Pulau Ujong - Advisory 16

Update on Pulau Ujong Advisory

This is a public service announcement regarding Pulau Ujong / Island at the End. We just received the above advisory from the IMDA, the day…
Alfian Sa'at at Fort Canning

Force of Nature

How do you write a play about the climate crisis in Singapore that isn’t all doom and gloom? Find out in this interview with playwright Alfian Sa’at, who shares his inspirations as well as what he hopes audiences will take away from Pulau Ujong.
Ivan Heng painting the set of Animal Farm

Going the Whole Hog with Ivan Heng!

Ivan Heng – director, movement director and set designer – shares his ideas and inspiration behind Wild Rice’s classic and profoundly relevant production of Animal Farm. Warning: mild spoilers ahead!
Ian Wooldridge at Wild Rice @ Funan

Adapt and Adaptability

Over 40 years since he first adapted George Orwell’s classic novel for the stage, Ian Wooldridge is in town for Wild Rice’s 20th-anniversary production of Animal Farm. He chats with us about why and how he adapted the book himself, and what it’s been like working with Ivan Heng for over three decades.
George Orwell at his writing desk

George Orwell’s Animal Instincts

What inspired George Orwell to write Animal Farm, and why does this tale of barnyard betrayal continue to resonate today? Read on to find out!
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