Wild Kids: Weekly Drama Classes!

At the Wild Rice Academy, we empower children to experiment and make creative decisions in the ways they express themselves and tell stories. Guided by our experienced Teaching Artists, our goal is to help children learn about themselves and the world around them through theatre, story and performance.

Experiential, engaging and enjoyable, our weekly drama classes focus on the development of every child’s confidence, creativity, intellect and social-emotional intelligence.

Through drama games, role-playing and learning performance skills, children learn key language and literacy skills while building their confidence for the bigger stages in their lives.

"I like performing and I like my teachers!"

Kaitlin Tan (age 7)

"Claire is engaged - she takes the programme seriously, yet enjoys herself. We appreciate the very clear communication from the teaching team.”

Nicholas F, father of Claire (age 10)

"It's a great programme that enriches our creative world and imaginations, and a great place for us to have a dramatic outlet!"

Lauren Isabel Teh (age 11)

"He discovered a new passion and has great enthusiasm for each lesson; he even says he wants to be an actor!"

Tan Shin Yi, mother of Kieran (age 11)

"I had a lot of fun acting and playing games, and it really enhanced my inner actor!"

Jacob Hughes (age 11)

"Jing Chen comes home happy, excited to share, and has developed more self confidence in speaking up!"

Zhuan Lee, mother of Jing Chen (age 7)
For Ages 5 to 8

In our classes for children from the ages of 5 to 8, our Teaching Artists will guide participants through storytelling, improvisation and role-playing exercises. We will also offer your child the opportunity to learn core language and social-emotional skills by introducing them to original stories and scripts written especially for these classes. Along the way, your child will learn to trust their own imagination and creativity.

For Ages 9 to 12

Our classes for children from the ages of 9 to 12 will have a greater focus on creativity, critical thinking and expression in performance. We empower participants to consider and make creative decisions while learning to use their bodies, voices and faces to better express and communicate their thoughts and ideas.

Class Schedule & Fees


Dates: 1 Jul – 2 Sep 2023, Every Saturday
Ages 5-610am – 11:30am
Ages 7-8 11:45am – 1:15pm
Ages 9-10 2pm – 3:30pm
Ages 11-12 4pm – 5:30pm


(till 31 May 2023)
(from 1 Jun 2023)
Programme Fees$600$630
GST 8%$48$50.40

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Connect With Us

Phone: +65 8876 3524
Email: academy@wildrice.com.sg

What You Can Expect in a Wild Rice Academy Class

Drama Games & Exercises: Learn Core Language & Literacy Skills
At the Wild Rice Academy, all our programmes feature drama games and exercises with a focus on storytelling. This encourages children to learn by listening, reading, understanding and communicating – all of which are key language and literacy skills in empowering children to better navigate the world in which we live.

Role-Playing: Develop Key Social-Emotional Skills
When children engage in role-playing, they are given opportunities to identify, feel and express a wider range of emotions. This will help in developing self-awareness and a stronger sense of identity. At the same time, role-playing encourages children to step into the shoes of another person – thereby teaching them the value of empathy, and the importance of considering other perspectives than their own.

Play-Making: Get Creative and Solve Problems
We encourage children to become storytellers, which enables them to open up their minds, hearts and imaginations in bringing their stories to life. Instead of giving them the “answers”, we work with the children to make creative decisions and solve problems together. This allows children to think independently, while trusting both their creative instincts and imaginations.

Acting, Expressing & Performing: Build Confidence
At the end of the programme, your child will perform in a little showcase – the perfect opportunity for them to show off everything they have learnt and created with their friends. Learning to perform and express themselves in front of a live audience will build your child’s confidence as they get ready for the next stage of their lives!