Wild Rice Academy

Holiday Drama Camp

This holiday season, Wild Rice Academy is offering a Holiday Drama Camp that’s perfect for 5 to 12-year-olds!

Is your child interested in performing? Does your child love to tell stories through dancing and acting? Most importantly, are they experiencing pantomime withdrawals this year? If so, join Wild Rice Academy for our inaugural Holiday Drama Camp!

This 5-day camp will allow your child to experience the exhilaration of performing in a musical. They will learn to play roles and perform scenes inspired by the world and characters of Mama White Snake, one of Wild Rice’s most popular musical pantomimes. Your child will also learn to perform a song and simple dance routine.

No experience necessary! Just come and have fun with us!

Term Programmes 2021

Ignite your child’s imagination, inspire their confidence and equip them with skills for life. We are proud to present drama classes conducted by experienced teachers who are passionate about bringing out the best in your child.

For Ages 5-8: Adventures in Storyland

Adventures In Storyland is Wild Rice Academy’s weekly drama programme for 5 to 8-year-olds that will give children the gift of stories and story-telling. Each programme features a mix of story-telling, drama skills and role-playing that will engage your child’s creativity, imagination and empathy. The programme will culminate in a showcase of their little creations!

For Ages 9-12: Acts of Imagination

Making theatre is a thrilling adventure that gives us new ways in which to think and talk about the world. In Acts of Imagination, children aged 9 to 12 learn to make and perform theatre under the guidance of industry professionals. Each programme will focus on a set of skills comprising a mix of acting, expression and scene creation that will stretch your child’s creativity, empathy and reflective thinking. The programme will culminate in a showcase for parents and invited guests.

First Stage

First Stage is an intensive programme that provides theatre training and performance opportunities for children from the ages of 5 to 12. Our participants receive coaching throughout their first performing experiences on the professional stage. The programme aims to train young aspiring performers in performance skills and techniques, even as they work alongside Singapore’s finest actors and theatre-makers. Most importantly, the programme inspires joy, confidence and the love of performing on stage.

Since the inception of our First Stage programme in 2003, more than 150 children have joined us on stage. Collectively, they have performed to more than 166,000 people.

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