Financial Information

Name of Organisation
Wild Rice Ltd

107 North Bridge Road, #04-08, Funan, Singapore 179105

Contact Person
Ivan Heng

Email Address

Web-site Address

No. of Beneficiaries

Charity Regn No

Charity Regn Date
1 July 2002

Company limited by guanratee

Est. Date
10 February 2001


Effective Date:
1 December 2020 to 31 May 2022

A Member of Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts Central Fund

Tan Siok Sun Chair
Janice Koh Vice Chair
Bill Ang
Deborah Barker
Randy Chan
Chan Ying Lock
Glen Goei
Ivan Heng
Anthonia Hui
Simone Lourey
Tony Trickett

Ivan Heng
Tony Trickett
Glen Goei
Katherine Khoo
Koh Bee Bee
Koh Wee Giap
Melissa Teoh
Thomas Lim

Kong, Lim & Partners LLP

Income 2017 (S$’000) 2018 (S$’000) 2019
Donations in Cash
– Tax Deductible 1462 1756 1714
– Non-Tax Deductible1 8 10 6
Total Donations in Cash 1470 1766 1721
Donations in Kind
– Tax Deductible NA NA NA
– Non-Tax Deductible NA NA NA
Grants 1375 607 1337
Investment income NA NA NA
Investment gains NA NA NA
Programme Fees 1198 2175 927
Others (please specify if material) 29 239 141
Total Income 4072 4787 4126
Expenses 2017 (S$’000) 2018 (S$’000) 2019
Direct Fund-raising Expenses2 317 313 309
Charitable Activities Expenses3
– Local 2038 2976 2048
– Overseas NA 222 NA
Total Charitable Activities/Programme Expenses 2038 3198 2048
Other Operating & Administration Expenses4 1575 1646 1798
Others (please specify if material) NA NA NA
Total Expenditure 3930 5157 4155
Balance Sheet 2017 (S$’000) 2018 (S$’000) 2019
Land and Buildings NA NA 3029
Other Tangible Assets 19 307 96
Investments NA NA NA
Inventories NA NA NA
Accounts Receivable 206 76 204
Cash & Deposits 1495 1658 3127
Others (please specify if material) 496 86 156
Total Assets 2216 2127 6612
Unrestricted Fund5 1689 1200 1172
Restricted Fund6 NA NA NA
Endowment Fund7 NA NA NA
Total Funds 1689 1200 1172
Total Current Liabilities 527 927 5440
Total Non-Current Liabilities 0 0 0
Total Liabilities 527 927 5440
Total Funds and Liabilities 2216 2127 6612
Other Information 2017 2018 2019
Donations/Grants and Sponsorships given to other Charities (S$’000) NA NA NA
No. of Employees 17 13 19
Total Employee Costs (S$’000) 1252 1477 1442
Fund-raising efficiency9 28% 25% 28%
Total Related Party Transactions 606 707 410

1 These include donations collected through flag days, donations that entail benefits to the donors and donations received for overseas purposes.
2 This refers to costs directly incurred and paid for during fund-raising. They include such costs as advertisements, printing, publicity materials, rental of premises, logistics, hiring of commercial third-party fund-raisers, organizing games of chance, etc.
3 These are all resources applied by the charity in undertaking its work to meet its charitable objectives in the delivery of goods and services. Such costs include the direct costs of the charitable activities together with those support costs incurred that enable these activities to be undertaken.
4 These are expenses which relate to the general running of the charity that provide the governance infrastructure which allows the charity to operate, to generate the information required for public accountability, and the strategic planning processes that contribute to future development of the charity.
5 These are generally unrestricted funds which the IPC is free to use for its programmes and operating costs e.g. General Fund.
6 These are special funds held by the IPC that can only be applied for specific purposes, e.g. Building Fund.
7 These are funds which the IPC holds in trust for the benefit of the IPC as a capital fund. Generally, only interest income from Endowment Funds are used, and not the capital sum.
8 Related Party Transactions refer to transactions between the IPC and another person where either person could have influence over the other. For example, if a board member of an IPC is related to a certain supplier of services for the IPC, the value of the transactions should be disclosed. Refer to the Financial Reporting Standards for the full definition of Related Party Transactions.
9 This is expressed in the ratio of A to B, where A refers to Direct Fund-raising Expenses and sponsorships relating to fund-raising (where receipts have been issued by sponsors); and B refers to total donations received from fund-raising and sponsorships relating to fund-raising (where receipts have been issued by sponsors).