A Singapore Youth Theatre Production
15 – 18 Jun 2023

The Studio @ Wild Rice

What is it like to grow up in Singapore today? How do young people survive the overwhelming pressure to fit in at school and get good grades? And why does it feel like their thoughts and emotions are constantly at war with one another?

Wild Rice’s Singapore Youth Theatre invites you to find out in this electrifying double bill of brand-new plays written for, by and about young people.

In Every Student Is A Good Student, we find ourselves trapped in a regimented, deeply unimaginative education system that has only one primary aim – turning out carbon copies of good students whose only purpose in life is to work hard to get good grades. But what happens when one student just can’t fit the mould?  

Things take a wildly Freudian turn with In My Head, where we meet a young person who seems to have it all figured out – their pleasure-seeking Id co-existing in perfect harmony with their impulse-controlling Superego. But their internal balance is thrown out of whack when a Raging Hormone suddenly appears on the scene, ready to wreak all kinds of havoc. Let the mind games begin!

Funny, original and thought-provoking, Every Student Is A Good Student / In My Head tells young people’s stories as only they can tell them. Conceptualised, devised and performed by Wild Rice’s third Singapore Youth Theatre ensemble, this production is the perfect opportunity to catch tomorrow’s theatre-makers in action today!

Duration: approximately 70 minutes (without intermission)
IMDA Advisory (Some Mature Content)

For visitor safety information, click here.

Thu & Fri, 8:00pm / Sat & Sun, 3:00pm & 8:00pm
$25 for students

Samuel Hadden
Ashton Ho
Darius Kyan
Mrittika Kumaran
Han Leng
Pranaya Murugan
Por Kate Yi
Ramaa Shirish Rangnekar
Siti ‘Theo’ Sofeana
Scarlett Summer
Nadya Zagorodnova
Harry Zhong

Devised By The Singapore Youth Theatre ensemble
Director Thomas Lim
Assistant Director Ezzat Alkaff
Dramaturg Sindhura Kalidas
Set Designer TK Hay
Lighting Designer Petrina Dawn Tan
Associate Lighting Designer Tai Zi Feng
Sound Designer Jay Ong
Costume Designer Theresa Chan
Prop Master Joyce Gan
Hair Designer Ashley Lim
Make-Up Designer Bobbie Ng