by Nine Years Theatre
6 – 8 Oct 2023

A kidnapping of the country’s president. A system to predict the future through data analysis. A technology secretly planted to control human minds. An anti-government organisation. A monitored phone call. A plan within a plan.

16 – 20 Oct 2023

A riveting exploration of gender stereotypes and the world in which we live, Fair Play is a unique theatre experience designed especially to encourage students and young people to think and talk about how the world came to be such an unequal place for women and men.

From 16 Nov 2023

Jealous of her step-daughter Snow White’s beauty, the Queen orders the girl to undergo a nip-tuck by the creepy Royal Surgeon. To save her own skin, Snow White runs away and ends up meeting Prince Charming and fellow outcasts like the rapping, breakdancing Seven Dwarfs. This hilarious, heartwarming musical comedy is the perfect show for the whole family this holiday season!