by How Drama
11 – 13 Aug 2022

How Drama’s Fat Kids Are Harder To Kidnap® 2022 is here! The show features 31 NEW plays in an hour, and you decide the order! The talented cast will tackle topics ranging from chicken shortages and parliamentary lies to that Kia woman and the Hollywood slap that got everyone talking.

18 Aug – 10 Sep 2022

Led by the pigs, the animals of Manor Farm overthrow Farmer Jones. But the ideals of their revolution are gradually subverted by cunning propaganda and the insatiable lust for power. A triumph of physical theatre, live music, and innovative design, Wild Rice’s 20th-anniversary production of Animal Farm proves that George Orwell’s dark fairy tale is more relevant than ever today.

From 15 Sep 2022

At a time when we can no longer turn a blind eye to the ravaging effects of climate change, Pulau Ujong invites audiences to re-acquaint themselves with the miracles and mysteries of the natural world. Featuring interviews with climate scientists and activists, this riveting new piece of documentary theatre also amplifies more-than-human voices, like zoo mascot Ah Meng and Singapore’s last tiger.

From 17 Nov 2022

In this cheekily on-the-nose musical adaptation of the classic fairy tale, wooden puppet Pinocchio must prove himself to be brave, kind and true to become a real boy. A hilarious and heartwarming celebration of family, friendship and the importance of being true to yourself, Pinocchio is the perfect holiday treat for you and your loved ones! Wood we lie to you? 🤥