Community Engagement

Our community engagement programmes are at the core of everything we do.

Other than doing all we can to keep ticket prices affordable, we are working towards overcoming the isolation of marginalised and minority groups who might not ordinarily be able to go to the theatre. 

We will continue to work with charities and foundations to ensure that more people – including underprivileged families, the elderly and people living with disabilities – can experience and share the magic of theatre.

Diversity & Representation

We endeavour to offer an ever more diverse range of productions that better reflect and resonate with Singapore’s various communities. This includes staging shows in languages other than English, such as Malay, Mandarin and Teochew.


Wild Rice @ Funan is designed to be inclusive and accessible, providing essential support for patrons who might otherwise encounter difficulties in enjoying our live performances. This includes offering signed / captioned / audio-described / relaxed performances, hearing loops, touch tours and more.

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Gift of Theatre

Since 2013, our Gift of Theatre programme has made our shows accessible to over 3,000 underprivileged children and youths, elderly persons, people living with disabilities, and caregivers. When they join us for a show, our beneficiaries enjoy an enriching, memorable and heartwarming experience – one that fires their imaginations and opens their minds and hearts to new ideas and possibilities.

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Senior Citizens

Apart from offering discounted tickets for senior citizens, we are planning to launch Senior Moments in time to come.