School Programmes

Theatre and Education

We have designed a comprehensive education programme that uses theatre to educate and empower students, while supporting teachers in engaging them on the issues and ideas raised on stage.


Available All Year Round!

Stream the very best of Wild Rice productions direct to your classroom! All you need is a projector, speakers and an internet connection. 

Plus, get closer to the drama with our free Learning Resource Packs and Activity Books, or better yet, get us in to conduct a post-show talk!

All available shows are streamed via Vimeo at just $13.90 (incl. GST) per student. Schools may use the Tote Board Arts Grant to subsidise up to 50% of the costs of selected shows.


In our talks and workshops, we share what goes on  in Singapore theatre through career talks, meet-the-artist sessions, seminars and practical, hands-on conducted at your school. 

Our programmes are customisable to your students level or needs. Let us know what you would like your students to learn and we’ll create a programme specifically for them. 


For Primary Schools

#FeelingsToTheMax is an educational video series that helps children aged 5 to 12 think and talk about social issues in Singapore in fun and simple ways. Through a unique blend of filmed theatre and puppetry, Max a homegrown puppet empowers children to explore and better understand the world around them, with the help of their parents and teachers.

All his young life, Max has enjoyed meeting and getting to know new friends. But Max has never met someone like Mylo before! In Max’s excitement, he ends up hurting Mylo’s feelings. Max resolves to figure out what he did wrong and learn how to become a better friend.

In this new 3-part season of #FeelingsToTheMax: A New Friend, Max discusses the topic of race with his friends and family. Along the way, he gains a deeper understanding of how we can all embrace our differences, celebrate our diversity, and relate to one another with sensitivity and grace.

Together with our Learning Resource Pack which contains lessons accompanying each of the three episodes (with variations for Upper and Lower Primary too!) – that can be carried out as part of the Character & Citizenship lessons or as part of a post-exam programme.

If you would like us to facilitate the #FeelingsToTheMax  Lesson Plans in your school, we can do that too!


Learning Resource Packs are free downloadable PDF resources created by Wild Rice that complement our year-round programming. These packs contain research, articles, interviews with artists, discussion points and activities, as well as suggested films, books and artwork related to each show.