A Singapore Youth Theatre Production
17 – 20 Dec 2020

Wild Rice @ Funan

Revolutions happen. Governments change. The one thing that has stayed the same throughout the course of human history? Adults always think they know better than the young.

But that’s not necessarily true. There are so many lessons that grown-ups can afford to learn from the young people who will one day run the world.

Schooled is a devised theatre production written and conceptualised by the 12 fearless young theatre-makers in Wild Rice’s inaugural Singapore Youth Theatre ensemble. Over the course of the past year, they have learnt to write, perform and make theatre in order to tell their own stories.

This is their message to the adults. And it’s time for us to shut up, sit down, and start taking notes…

IMDA Advisory: Advisory 16 (Some Mature Content)

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Elizabeth Rei Ando
Erin Chen
Chloe Choo
Björn Haakenson
Rayen Hovinga
Ewan Lim
Sarah Syazlina
Seth Arri Azhar
Sebastian Street
Zoe Rowe
Evangel Wong
Madeline Yeo

Devised By The Singapore Youth Theatre ensemble
Directed By Thomas Lim
Assistant Director Ezzat Alkaff
Set Designer Wong Chee Wai
Lighting Designer Tai Zi Feng
Costume Designer Theresa Chan
Production Manager Melissa Teoh
Stage Manager Victoria Anna Wong
Assistant Stage Manager Nurarina Nasir