Directing Residency

Under our new Directing Residency programme, we put out an open call in April 2020 for aspiring young directors.

We have since selected four exciting candidates – Victoria Chen, Hazel Ho, Sim Yan Ying ‘YY’ and Thong Pei Qin – from the 60 submissions received.

For the past six months, they have been working closely with Ivan Heng, our Founding Artistic Director, to bring their creative visions to life.  

Each director was given the opportunity to choose and develop their script, cast and rehearse with their actors, assemble and lead a design team and more.

Over the next few months, audiences will have the opportunity to watch the following exciting new productions, which cover topics as diverse as hoarding, living in modern-day Singapore, office politics and grief.

Get ready to meet tomorrow’s theatre-makers today!

Directed By Thong Pei Qin
26 – 28 Nov 2020

Molly collects things… many things. Su-Lin resolves to clean them up. Can the relationship between mother and daughter survive when deep, dark secrets are revealed?

Directed By Hazel Ho
3 – 5 Dec 2020

It’s an ordinary day in an ordinary café in Singapore. Or is it? Appearances can be deceiving in this darkly funny psychological thriller with a conscience!

Directed By Victoria Chen
7 – 10 Jan 2021

Mike Bartlett’s award-winning BULL is a sharp, unnerving black comedy that dives into the murky depths of office politics.

Directed By Sim Yan Ying "YY"
4 – 7 Feb 2021

A powerful meditation on grief and its many manifestations, WHERE ARE YOU? brings some light and lightness to stories that are too often kept in the dark.