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Theatre-Based Corporate Training

Take your employees’ presentation and communication skills to the next level with lessons given from our very own stage in Funan! Wild Rice’s corporate training programme will help your employees to hold the attention of an audience through clear and effective communication – whether they need to close deals, negotiate, motivate or inform.

We will empower participants in three ways, helping them to:

1. Learn to use their voices to speak with impact.
2. Carry themselves with confidence.
3. Craft and connect with the messages they want to convey.

This programme draws on the expertise of theatre educators, coaches and public speakers. We have created a robust programme that taps into the participants’ inner potential by enhancing their self-worth and helping them conquer their fears. Performance skills used on stage and in rehearsal will be adapted to a business setting, and there will be opportunities to learn through practical challenges and peer feedback.

Participants can also look forward to taking a break from conference rooms and their everyday routines at the dynamic and intimate environment of our theatre in Funan. So, use this training opportunity as a retreat for your employees—inspiring ideas, empowering them and exploring their creativity along the way!

Training Outcomes

At the end of the session, participants will achieve the following outcomes:

1. Increased awareness of personal communication style.
2. Improved confidence in negotiating, influencing, resolving conflicts and giving presentations.
3. Stronger team-work skills, including the ability to give constructive peer-to-peer feedback.

This programme will benefit those working in

1. Sales
2. Marketing
3. Business Development
4. Human Resources
5. Fundraising
6. Education
7. Project Management
8. Leadership Positions

Duration: 4 hours
Class Size: Up to 20 participants

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