About #FeelingsToTheMax

#FeelingsToTheMax is an educational video series that helps children aged 5 to 12 think and talk about social issues in Singapore in fun and simple ways. Through a unique blend of filmed theatre and puppetry, Max – a homegrown puppet – empowers children to explore and better understand the world around them, with the help of their parents and teachers.


Max has been diligently following the Circuit-Breaker rules, but he has so much to get used to. Not only must he stay indoors all day and do Home-Based Learning, he can’t meet his friends anymore. And bubble tea is off the menu! ?

Faced with a host of emotions he doesn’t quite understand, Max asks for help from his friend, Jasmine. Together, they draw, colour and find new ways to process what Max is feeling.


In this special episode of #FeelingsToTheMax, Max learns about a scary experience that is familiar to many students in Singapore – receiving your PSLE results!

In this episode, Max’s brother, Matthew, is stressed as PSLE Results Day approaches. To help Matthew calm his nerves, Max hits the streets to ask people about their PSLE Experience and to see if they have any advice they can share with Matthew.

A New Friend

All his young life, Max has enjoyed meeting and getting to know new friends. But Max has never met someone like Mylo before! In Max’s excitement, he ends up hurting Mylo’s feelings. Max resolves to figure out what he did wrong and learn how to become a better friend.

Follow along with Max in this new season of #FeelingsToTheMax, in which he discusses the topic of race with his friends and family. Along the way, he gains a deeper understanding of how we can all embrace our differences, celebrate our diversity, and relate to one another with sensitivity and grace.