#FeelingsToTheMax – PSLE Edition

Written & Directed by Jasmine Blundell

Now Streaming on YouTube

In this special episode of #FeelingsToTheMax, Max learns about a scary experience that is familiar to many students in Singapore – receiving your PSLE results!

In this episode, Max’s brother, Matthew, is stressed as PSLE Results Day approaches. To help Matthew calm his nerves, Max hits the streets to ask people about their PSLE Experience and to see if they have any advice they can share with Matthew.

We have a Parents’ Resource Pack to accompany this episode. It includes activities for kids, parents and some for both of you to do together. The pack provides tools to address and manage different kinds of emotions; creates opportunities for you to get to know each other better; and offers talking points to help facilitate important and sometimes difficult discussions.


Project Max is an educational video series for children aged 5 to 12 that aims to engage teachers, parents and young children in conversations about current issues through theatre and puppetry. Project Max features a local, home-grown puppet, Max, who – with his (human and puppet) friends – explores the main events, issues and conversations in our world today.

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Jasmine Blundell
Dominic Nah
Ezzat Alkaff
Shalyn Yong

Writer, Director & Editor Jasmine Blundell
Puppeteers Jasmine Blundell & Dominic Nah
Guest Speakers Ezzat Alkaff & Shalyn Yong
Curriculum Writer Nur Friday
Film Crew Alia Alkaff & Pang Hao Cher
Project Co-ordinator Shalyn Yong
Project Assistant: Priyanka Sabu