WILD@HOME – #FeelingsToTheMax

A WILD RICE Academy Production

Max has been diligently following the Circuit-Breaker rules, but he has so much to get used to. Not only must he stay indoors all day and do Home-Based Learning, he can’t meet his friends anymore. And bubble tea is off the menu! ?

Faced with a host of emotions he doesn’t quite understand, Max asks for help from his friend, Jasmine. Together, they draw, colour and find new ways to process what Max is feeling.

Wild Rice Academy is thrilled to launch #FeelingsToTheMax, created and performed by our Teaching Artist, Jasmine Blundell. This educational video series will help children identify, understand and manage their emotions as they ride out the last phase of Singapore’s Circuit-Breaker and prepare to go back to school.

Perfect for children aged five and up, this YouTube-exclusive series features four short episodes (each less than 10 minutes long). From 20 May, new episodes will be uploaded to WILD RICE’s YouTube channel every week.

Episode #1: Max Learns to Give & Take
Streaming from 20 May, 3pm SGT
6 weeks into the Circuit Breaker and Max is tired of his mother, father and brother always saying ‘no’ to his requests! With the help of his friend, Jasmine, Max comes to understand their reasons for saying ’no’ and learns how to give and take with his family.

Episode #2: Max is Lonely
Streaming from 27 May, 3pm SGT
It’s the holidays, and Max has many things to do. He’s been solving puzzles, playing games and watching his favourite cartoons. But he feels lonely and wishes that he could do all of these things with his friends.
As he starts drawing his feelings, something magical happens! His drawings start talking to him – and Max learns that friendship is not something that disappears just because you don’t get to see your friends.

Episode #3: Max Learns to Take A Breath
Streaming from 1 June, 3pm SGT
There’s just one day left before school reopens, and Max is busy preparing for his new confusing school life. Max feels overwhelmed by all the different emotions that he is feeling – excitement, disappointment, fear… actually, can one person feel so many feelings all at the same time? Max asks for help from his friend, Jasmine, who gives him some simple ideas on how he can feel better.

Episode #4: Max is Back at School
Streaming from 10 June, 3pm SGT
Max is back at school but nothing has gone back to being ‘normal’. There are still so many new things that he has to adjust to. And Max soon realises that it’s not just children like him who are adjusting to all these changes…

Jasmine Blundell

Writer & Director Jasmine Blundell