#FeelingsToTheMax – A New Friend

Written & Directed by Jasmine Blundell

All his young life, Max has enjoyed meeting and getting to know new friends. But Max has never met someone like Mylo before! In Max’s excitement, he ends up hurting Mylo’s feelings. Max resolves to figure out what he did wrong and learn how to become a better friend.

Follow along with Max in this new season of #FeelingsToTheMax, in which he discusses the topic of race with his friends and family. Along the way, he gains a deeper understanding of how we can all embrace our differences, celebrate our diversity, and relate to one another with sensitivity and grace.

To accompany the launch of this season, the Wild Rice Academy has prepared a Resource Pack to support parents, teachers and caregivers in keeping important conversations going with their children and students.

This season of #FeelingsToTheMax is supported by the National Arts Council’s Digital Presentation Grant. #SGCultureAnywhere


Episode #1: The Incident

Max meets and tries to befriend Mylo, a new classmate at school. But Max, who is Dominisian, has never met someone who is Bougieli before! In Max’s excitement, he ends up hurting Mylo’s feelings. And now Max can’t seem to figure out what he did wrong and how to be a better friend. ☹

Episode #2: The Investigation

Max has upset Mylo, his new classmate. Feeling lost and in need of guidance from his friends, Max crashes two talk shows – Huddle With Hafidz and Sleuthing with Sangeetha – to chat with their hosts. Thanks to Hafidz and Sangeetha, Max begins to understand what he did wrong and what he can do to fix the situation.

Episode #3: Trying Again

Mylo has asked to change classes, which makes Max feel extremely discouraged. Max’s mother takes him to meet Auntie Fangold, a family friend who is Bougielise – like Mylo. As Max learns more about Bougieli culture from Auntie Fangold, he decides to try talking to Mylo again.


#FeelingsToTheMax is an educational video series that helps children aged 5 to 12 think and talk about social issues in Singapore in fun and simple ways. Through a unique blend of filmed theatre and puppetry, Max – a homegrown puppet – empowers children to explore and better understand the world around them, with the help of their parents and teachers.

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Jasmine Blundell
Dominic Nah
Hafidz Rahman
Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai

Writer, Director & Editor Jasmine Blundell
Puppeteers Jasmine Blundell & Dominic Nah
Guest Artists Hafidz Rahman & Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai
Curriculum Writer Nur Friday, Ezzat Alkaff & Shalyn Yong
Film Crew Alia Alkaff & Pang Hao Cher
Project Co-ordinator Ezzat Alkaff & Shalyn Yong
Project Assistant: Priyanka Sabu