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“An enjoyable show with plenty of heart… Just take the whole family.” – SPH Straits Times LIFE!

“Sebastian Tan stole the show in drag as the wicked Queen, whose crisp English and penchant for elaborate head-pieces brought the house down.” – SPH Straits Times LIFE!

“… the lovely Elena Wang – with her stunning voice and surprising aptitude for comic timing as Snow White – is proving to be local theatre’s best new discovery of 2008.” – TODAY

Praise from the Audience

“It was FANTASTIC! The fairy tale was beautifully transformed with a dose of political humour which made it very localised. ALL SINGAPOREANS SHOULD WATCH!” – Lee Li Lian, Trainer, Great Eastern Assurance

“It’s excellent! By far the most enjoyable pantomime.” – Arielle Ng Rae, Student

“It’s a GREAT show with GREAT directing, GREAT casting, GREAT music & movement! All GREAT! So proud of you guys!” – Kenneth Tan

Once upon a time in the Eternal Kingdom, there lived a Queen who wanted everything and everyone to be perfect. So, when her subjects turn 18, they are sent for “Enhancement” – a programme to correct their flaws.

The Queen holds a beauty pageant every year where she crowns herself as the winner. One day, her Magic Mirror, who cannot lie without literally cracking up, reveals to her that a new beauty has come of age – her own step-daughter Snow White.

Poor Snow White is ordered to undergo a nip-tuck by the creepy Royal Surgeon. But she runs away to the Outer Limits, where she encounters junk, vermin and the rapping, breakdancing Seven Dwarfs – outcasts banished from the Kingdom for falling short of the Queen’s standards.

Will Snow White escape from the Queen’s manicured clutches? Will her Prince Charming recognise true love in her bad hair state? And will the Queen ever stop coming up with new titles for herself and finally retire?

Playwright Alfian Sa'at
Director Hossan Leong
Musical Director/Composer/Arranger Elaine Chan
Choreography Ryan Tan
Set Design Chia Yu Hsien
Lighting Design Mac Chan
Sound Design Shah Tahir
Costume Design Moe Kasim
Hair & Wigs Ashley Lim
Make-up Design M.A.C
Magic Advisor Kiki Tay
Production Manager Koh Bee Bee
Stage Manager Woo Hsia Ling
Technical Manager Teo Kuang Han
Producer Tony Trickett

Elena Wang - Snow White
Sebastian Tan - The Queen
Dwayne Tan - Prince Charming
Celine Rosa Tan - Magic Mirror/Nanny
Gordon Choy - The Royal Surgeon
Richard Chia - Dorky
Alecia Kim Chua - Hidey
Farhan Hassan - Lispy
Jackie Pereira - Bui Bui
Joanna Pilgrim - Blondie
Fariz bin Sarib - Jesse
Filomar Tariao - Weepy

The W!LD Kids
Shermaine Ang
Sarah Buxton
Lim Shi-An
Jervyn Tan
Vanessa Tay
Paul Teoh
Vicknes Vijayarengan
Gabbi Virk
Ryan Yap