Journey to the West

It takes a village to get Princess Iron Fan ready for the camera!

On Monday, the W!LD RICE team embarked on our Journey To The West – literally and figuratively! Come behind the scenes with the cast and crew of our upcoming year-end pantomime, Monkey Goes West, as they got into costume and character for a photoshoot at Mark Law Photography Studio in Pasir Panjang. (Eh, we really did go West, hor!)

Preparations for the photoshoot have been underway for months. After researching costume ideas for each character in the show, Saksit Pisalasupongs and Phisit Jongnarangsin of the Tube Gallery created bespoke costumes for every single member of our cast.

Saksit’s inspiration wall, and the rack of costumes he created for us
Hand-sewn armour fit for a knight… or Bull King!

Ashley Lim, our hair maestro extraordinaire, has also been hard at work creating wigs and hairpieces for each character.

We’re sure you can guess which hairpieces belong to Monkey and the Bull King!
Ivan’s biggest fan!
We think Ashley had a little too much to eat at lunch…

Getting into character can be a pain-staking process – as most actors can attest! It took hours of hard work by our team of make-up artists to transform our cast into the fantasy characters we all know and love so well from Journey Goes To The West.

Lim Kay Siu sat in the make-up chair for over two hours to transform into the Bull King!
Costume designer and dresser adjusting the costume just before Kay Siu steps in front of the camera
Ashley, we don’t think that’s safe to eat leh…
We’re pretty sure this is the first time Siti Khalijah has had to have her eyebrows brushed by Ashley!
Ashley putting the finishing touches on Kimberly Chan’s red-hot ‘do
Our director Sebastian Tan wondering what it must be like to transform into a monkey
Sugie Phua in full regalia as the Monkey King
(L-R) Art director C.K. Chia, photographer Mark Law and Sebastian
discussing the photos taken during the shoot
C.K. handing Siti – who plays Sandy – a staff to complete her look
The brave quartet who will be taking us along on their Journey To The West!

Be sure to book your tickets for Monkey Goes West at the Victoria Theatre, from 21 November – 13 December 2014!

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