Directed By Victoria Chen
7 – 10 Jan 2021

Wild Rice @ Funan

Times are tough. The company is downsizing. Survival is all Thomas, Tony and Isobel can think about as they wait for their boss to arrive. They know that, by the end of the meeting, only two of them will be left standing. With their careers on the line, the trio will do whatever it takes to make one final good impression. No blow is too low.

Diving into the murky depths of office politics, Mike Bartlett’s award-winning Bull invites us to examine the darker side of capitalism. Is climbing the corporate ladder worth putting up with all the bullying, bullfights and bullsh*t? What exactly does survival of the fittest look like? And what does it mean for our workplaces, our society, and our humanity?

Find out in this sharp, unnerving black comedy that makes its Singapore premiere at The Ngee Ann Kongsi Theatre in January!

This amateur production of Bull is performed by arrangement with Nick Hern Books.

IMDA Advisory: Advisory 16 (Coarse Language)

About The Director

Victoria Chen aims to create multidisciplinary pieces that challenge stereotypes and share unheard narratives. She was recently part of How Drama’s Fat Kids Are Harder To Kidnap on Zoom. Vic is an associate artist of Bhumi Collective and will be staging her solo piece, Charlie, with them at the Melbourne Fringe.

http://victoriachen.co.uk / IG: @vhickles

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Brian Nai
Oniatta Effendi
Selma Alkaff
Dennis Sofian

Written by Mike Bartlett
Directed by Victoria Chen
Lighting Designer Tai Zi Feng