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We chat with Tonya Khong (Area General Manager, South East Asia) of Frasers Hospitality about supporting the arts and providing customers with a memorable stay.
All smiles! The Frasers Hospitality team with W!LD RICE’s Ivan Heng and Tony Trickett at The Emperor’s New Clothes

Why is Frasers Hospitality such a huge supporter of the arts?

As a global hospitality operator, we believe that Singapore must develop a vibrant cultural scene with a strong appreciation of the arts to be a truly world-class city. Diversifying Singapore’s appeal as a cultural capital also makes us a more compelling destination for tourists and businesses. Hence, by being a part of this initiative, we hope to further raise the profile and growth of the arts and entertainment industry in Singapore.

What has Frasers Hospitality done over the years to support the arts?

A recipient of the National Arts Council’s Friend of the Arts award over the years, Frasers Hospitality has been an avid supporter of the cultural and arts scene, not only in Singapore but globally. For the past 15 years, we have collaborated with some of Singapore’s finest artists and production houses, such as W!LD RICE. We have sponsored accommodation for international artists, performers, designers and crew. To showcase and raise international awareness of Singapore’s dynamic arts scene, we have also encouraged our residents to catch local productions during their stays.

W!LD RICE’s productions do not only entertain, but also inspire and help to nurture young talent in the field of performing arts, and we are proud to be a part of it.

Tell us more about what we can expect when we stay with Frasers Hospitality.

At Frasers Hospitality, we constantly anticipate and exceed our customers’ evolving expectations to deliver memorable experiences through innovation and intuitive service.

That’s why all our serviced and hotel residences are centrally located with close proximity to shopping, entertainment and business districts. Across all of our properties, each apartment is thoughtfully designed with spacious living, dining, bedroom and kitchen areas. Further complemented by a host of business and lifestyle facilities – from a 24-hour gymnasium and swimming pool, to services such as our all-day dining restaurant, daily breakfast and housekeeping and 24-hour security and reception – you can rest assured that each stay is well taken care of.

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