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Mad Props to Joyce Gan!

The props in a show help to build a world and tell a story. Joyce Gan lets us in on how she got started making and designing props for the theatre – a job that didn’t really exist in Singapore just 10 years ago!
Bright Ong with a bird puppet from The Amazing Celestial Race

Meet Puppetmaster Bright Ong – No Strings Attached!

We pulled some strings to help you get to know Bright Ong, the puppetry and movement director for The Amazing Celestial Race! Which shows changed his life? What’s the one thing he must do before going on stage? Find out here!

And We’re Off To The Races With Dwayne Lau!

Playwright and performer Dwayne Lau reveals his inspirations and influences in helping to create The Amazing Celestial Race – a funny, fabulous, family-friendly show about everyday heroes!

Good Grief with Sim Yan Ying “YY”

We chat with director Sim Yan Ying “YY” about the challenges and rewards of confronting grief in Where Are You?, as well as what she’ll be taking away from her stint in Wild Rice’s Directing Residency Programme.
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