Forever young… & W!LD!

Tonight, we are incredibly honoured to be bringing our ground-breaking, all-male production of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance Of Being Earnest to the 25th Macau Arts Festival. We can’t wait for the curtain to rise again, in a different city, on Algernon, Jack, Gwendolyn, Cecily and Lady Bracknell.
Our cast rehearsing a climactic moment in the final act

young & W!LD is in full swing! Under the guidance of programme directors Rodney Oliveiro and Serena Ho, the third cohort of our youth training programme has been working hard for a month now to hone their craft as theatre practitioners.

During weekly training sessions, the sixteen members of this year’s cohort have focused on finding and developing a group dynamic – one that will prove invaluable in the coming months as they prepare for their upcoming public showcases.

Forging a group dynamic

The ensemble – bringing together a diverse group of individuals interested in acting, writing and directing – will stage a full-length play at the end of the programme.

In the meantime, the first public showcase of their work will take place in August this year, in the form of a series of monologues crafted and delivered by the participants themselves.

Fazli Ahmad delivering his monologue

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to sit in and watch as each member of young & W!LD performed a monologue he or she is still in the process of developing and refining. The breadth and depth of talent on display was already evident. Participants slipped under the skins of the characters they had created – anyone from a phone sex operator to a woman crippled by OCD.

We can’t wait to see where this year’s cohort will take us!

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