5 - 15 July 2018

Flexible Performance Space, Lasalle College of the Arts


Written by Thomas Lim
Directed by Glen Goei

71-year-old Teck, a grumpy retiree, has just suffered a stroke that leaves him wheelchair-bound. When he insists on moving back home, Jenny, his no-nonsense daughter, hires a young Indonesian domestic worker, Yanti, to look after him.

At first, Yanti dutifully follows the strict caregiving regime drawn up by Jenny. But Teck refuses to give up a few of his favourite vices. When Jenny is not around, Yanti gives in to Teck’s demands for fatty, braised pork belly and the occasional cigarette. And yet, somehow, Jenny always knows exactly what is going on…

Thrilling, darkly funny and profoundly moving, Thomas Lim’s Supervision holds up a mirror to our modern world with a rapidly ageing population. Would you give up the things you enjoy in exchange for a few more years? Does working in someone else’s home mean giving up your right to privacy? And to what lengths would you go in order to watch over someone you love?

IMDA Rating: Advisory (Some Mature Content)


“Teoh is masterful as the cantankerous, sharp-witted Teck…Umi, who plays Yanti with a winning openness of spirit, have a remarkable camaraderie that lays the groundwork for a heart-wrenching ending scene…Janice plays Jenny with just enough pathos to be sympathetic…”The Straits Times

“Supervision may touch on big, national themes of surveillance and xenophobia, but at its heart, works because of the strong story and characters that hold it all together… One will leave the theatre bleary-eyed with tears at the relatability of the story…”Bakchormeeboy.com

“Balancing the emotional tension without losing sight on the discussion of supervision and dignity throughout the play, the actors bring the text to life… It is almost too familiar for comfort – and this is where the play succeeds.”Popspoken.com


Janice Koh
Patrick Teoh
Umi Kalthum Ismail

Creative Team

Written by Thomas Lim
Directed by Glen Goei
Dramaturg Alfian Sa’at
Set Designer Wong Chee Wai
Lighting designer Tai Zi Feng
Sound Designer/ Engineer Paul Searles
Multimedia Designer Andrew Ng & Koo Chia Meng
Hair Designer/ Stylist Ashley Lim
Make-up Designer The Make Up Room

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