A Worthwhile Cause!

Monkey Goes West played host to some very special audience members last week: members of the Chinese Women’s Association, including Golden Angel Betty Chen, and residents of Henderson Home.
Mrs Betty Chen and her husband, William Chen, with W!LD RICE’s Ivan Heng, Glen Goei and Tony Trickett

On Thursday, 24 November, the Drama Centre Theatre played host to some very special guests. Led by President Joan Yim and her predecessor Betty Chen, the Chinese Women’s Association (CWA) came out in full force for the matinee performance of Monkey Goes West. They were joined by residents of Henderson Home, a service centre specialising in elder care.

“We’re very happy to support W!LD RICE this year,” explained Mrs. Yim after the show. “It’s important to support the arts, especially our own local artists and theatre-makers!”

A firm advocate of community action, the CWA has contributed to charitable and civic causes since its establishment in 1915. For several years, the CWA also managed Henderson Home, and is proud to maintain a close relationship with its staff and residents.

Mrs Joan Yim & Mrs Betty Chen (5th and 6th from right)
and The Chinese Women’s Association!

Mrs. Yim was pleased to have had the opportunity to share the story of Monkey Goes West with many of Henderson Home’s residents.

“The story of the Monkey God is familiar to them even if they can’t speak much English,” she pointed out. “I think they were all very happy to watch this hilarious musical that has such a beautiful moral message for audiences.”

The Chens with residents of Henderson Home!

Also present was Mrs. Betty Chen, who recently became our Golden Angel after making a very generous donation to W!LD RICE.

“I’m happy to help,” she said with a huge smile. “It’s all for a good cause – Monkey Goes West showed us all how W!LD RICE is training the next generation of actors and artists.”

She was particularly taken with the FIRST STAGE K!DS, who are an essential element of every single W!LD RICE pantomime.

“I was really entranced by their talent!” Mrs. Chen enthused. “They were wonderful – they each played multiple roles and were so good!”

“It was very moving to see the happy, glowing faces of the residents of Henderson Home,” said Ivan Heng, our Artistic Director. “We are very grateful to the Chinese Women’s Association for its continuing support of W!LD RICE, and the amazing work it does to benefit the less fortunate.”

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