young & W!LD: Loh Anlin

It doesn’t come younger – or W!LDer! – than Loh Anlin! At the tender age of 17, Anlin is the youngest member of our current young & W!LD cohort. But that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her passion for theatre: Anlin was part of the Ways Of Wandering performance staged earlier this month during the O.P.E.N. – the mini-festival presaging the Singapore International Festival of Arts. We chat with Anlin about what she’s learnt about herself and her craft in the run-up to young & W!LD’s first showcase in August!

Tell us about how you were bitten by the theatre bug.

It was almost by accident, actually. I was the ultimate mugger kid for just about the whole of my primary school life – and, subsequently, felt so lost when it came to choosing a compulsory CCA in high school. Theatre lured me in with assurances of “no experience necessary” and opportunities to create.

How did you get involved in theatre?

Initially, through school productions and drama CCA. It was only much later, when I craved something outside of the SYF-chasing, school-based performances, that I took a peep at the living theatre scene in Singapore.

You were involved in Ways Of Wandering for The O.P.E.N. (part of the Singapore International Festival of Arts). Can you tell us more about that project?

It was really an open play area for art-makers of all ages and experiences to create and craft their own performance under the guidance of truly experienced mentors. As someone who little formal schooling in theatre, being able to learn the tools of the trade from mentors who understand the art was liberating. As was the opportunity to meet so many people interested in making art in Singapore – whoever said Singapore is a cultural black hole has not seen the throng of individuals involved in this!

Why young & W!LD?

I found the audition call very interesting – it asked for a monologue, no more than 3 minutes long, or a self-written piece. I eventually went with a monologue from a novel. I was entranced by the thought of a youth theatre programme centred on individuality, and delving deeper in creating theatre. I tried out because I wanted to be a part of what seemed like an unconventional way of approaching youth theatre.

young & W!LD has been going strong for almost three months. What have you learnt thus far about your craft and yourself?

We are still very much in the midst of creating our first showcase (with an incredible name!) and the process of writing for myself, and later bouncing my work off others, and creating something out of the combination of that is what has essentially fascinated me – and taught me much. But what I appreciate most at this stage is the opportunity to meet and work with a group of people with such diverse perspectives towards life and theatre – there may be some rioting here and there but mundanity certainly isn’t par for the course!

young & W!LD’s first showcase, Little Riots and Other Stories, runs from 28-30 August 2014 at the W!LD RICE performance space in 33 Kerbau Road. Performances are at 8pm and are free of charge; please reserve your seats here!

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