Monkeying Around: the FIRST STAGE! Kids’ Workshop!

What better time than the September school holidays to start getting our pantomime kids ready to journey West? From 10-12 September 2014, the 33 children in our Monkey Goes West cast gathered for a workshop led by vocal coach Irene Jansen and choreographer Filomar Tariao.
Uncle Filomar helps the kids to find their feet

This year’s cast features 21 FIRST STAGE! Kids and 12 newcomers from Martial House, Singapore’s premier Wushu academy. That’s right – not only will you get to watch our kids sing and dance in Monkey Goes West, you’ll also get to see them turn somersaults and pull off some incredible Wushu stunts!

Auntie Irene teaching our budding songbirds the songs by composer Elaine Chan
Going a little bit hip-hop with Uncle Filomar

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