As part of our commitment to nurture the next generation of artists, we are offering year-long residency programmes for emerging artists, companies and collectives. This will give them access to rehearsal space, dramaturgical support and arts management advice while they hone their craft and mature as theatre-makers.

Company-in-Residence: Patch and Punnet

Patch and Punnet, a theatre collective started in 2017, is led by ex-Young & Wild members Sharmaine Goh and Krish Natarajan along with law graduate turned creative Astley Xie. Patch and Punnet works collaboratively to create fresh and fun devised work made from the soul. By millennials for millennials, this punnet of strawberries aims to tickle, tease and treat their audiences with irreverent, playful and sometimes provocative theatre. This bunch of creatives, who don’t take themselves too seriously, hope to create a welcoming theatre scene that inspires creativity, conversation and change.


Krish Natarajan is a co-founder of theatre company Patch and Punnet and theatrical event company Strawberries Inc. He also dabbles in freelance acting from time to time. Krish hopes to grow the theatre industry with Patch and Punnet by creating an inclusive theatre culture with work that is as provocative as they are fun and quirky. He hopes theatre becomes as necessary in the singaporean landscape as a Kopi-O morning fix.


Astley was a law student turned creative back in 2017. Since then, he’s been working towards his practicing certificate while hedging his bets by managing the theatre collective, Patch and Punnet alongside its sister events company, Strawberries Inc. He’s also a big fan of animals.


Sharmaine has chosen the performing arts as a profession out of a longstanding passion for theatre. She is co-founder of Patch and Punnet and Strawberries Inc. Formerly a performer at Universal Studios Singapore, she wants to share her love of storytelling, on and off the stage.

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