Fairy Dust & Wonderful Thoughts

A holiday drama workshop for children inspired by “Peter Pan in Serangoon Gardens”.

Fly away to Neverland in this immersive drama workshop conducted by our experienced Teaching Artists! In this immersive drama workshop, children will meet Sunny, a Lost Boy, and Happy, a fairy who lives in Neverland. But alas, Happy is a sad fairy. 🙁 Sunny, a Lost Boy, asks the children to help lift Happy’s spirits through fun, interactive drama exercises and role-playing. Together, they go on a dramatic adventure to discover the power of friendship and the magic of happiness.

Children may attend this workshop before or after watching “Peter Pan in Serangoon Gardens”. There are no spoilers, we promise!

What to expect in this workshop:

1. Warm-Up Game: Meet A Lost Boy
The children meet Sunny, a Lost Boy who lives in Neverland. Sunny invites the children to explore Neverland with him – and to do so, he needs to prepare them in case of pirates! Through a variation of the game What’s The Time, Mr Wolf?, the children learn to outsmart the pirates!

2. Sharing and Presenting: Circle of Wonderful Thoughts
The children are ready to explore Neverland, and the best way to explore Neverland is to fly! The first ingredient you need to fly is Wonderful Thoughts. The children are invited to think and talk about what makes them happy.

3. Role-Playing and Tableaux: Help Happy the Sad Fairy!
The next ingredient the children need to fly is Fairy Dust. The children meet Happy, Sunny’s fairy friend. Happy is a sad fairy who cannot fly because she cannot think of a Wonderful Thought. Together, the children and their new friends in Neverland will play characters, create tableau scenes and share their Wonderful Thoughts to cheer Happy up.

4. Warm-Down: Back to Singapore!
After helping Happy find a Wonderful Thought of her own, the fairy thanks them by giving each child a special gift. The children fly above Neverland and fly back to Singapore with Sunny and Happy.

5. Photo Booth
Parents are invited to join us in the Neverland Studio to take pictures with their children alongside Sunny and Happy. Props will be provided for the children to dress up as pirates or fairies! Please note that this is an unaccompanied workshop. Parents are welcome to join us at the end of the workshop to take photos.

Workshop Details
Cost: $35 per child
Location: The Studio @ WILD RICE
Recommended Age(s): 5 to 8 years old
Time: 5.15pm – 6.15pm
24 November (Sun)
30 November (Sat)
14 December (Sat)
15 December (Sun)
21 December (Sat)
22 December (Sun)

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