16 – 20 Oct 2023

Wild Rice @ Funan

Moments before they make their entrance into our world, Boy and Girl are each assigned scripts by a Playwright. As they rehearse for the lives that they will lead, they begin questioning the roles that they have been given.

Why are women and men expected to behave in certain ways? How did the world come to be such an unequal place for women and men? Can there be a different way of raising future generations?

In this challenging and insightful original comedy by Thomas Lim, one of Singapore theatre’s most exciting playwrights, Wild Rice invites young people to participate in the shared experience of theatre – to engage with a play’s themes and think about how the issues raised relate to everyday life and the world we live in. Learning outside the classroom has never been this inspiring and fun!

Duration: approximately 60 minutes (with 20 minutes post-show talk)
IMDA Advisory (Some Mature Content)

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Mon, Tue, Wed, & Thurs 9:30am & 11:30am, Fri 10:00am

Tickets are currently on priority hold for schools, and will be released for public sale subject to availability. School bookings can be made by emailing academy@wildrice.com.sg.

Jeramy Lim
Masturah Oli
Sarah Syazlina

Playwright & Director Thomas Lim
Assistant Director Ezzat Alkaff
Facilitator Shalyn Yong
Set Designer Wong Chee Wai
Costume Designer Theresa Chan
Lighting Designer James Tan
Hair Designer Ashley Lim
Make-up Designer Bobbie Ng