Holiday Drama Camp: CHRISTMAS EVERY DAY?!


What Happens When Your Wish Comes True And It's CHRISTMAS EVERY DAY?!

Stella loves Christmas so, so much that she decides to make a wish – she wants every single day of the year to be Christmas!

Now what could go wrong with a wish like that?

Join Stella as she embarks on this merry-go-round of an adventure! Will her Christmas wish be a dream come true… or will it turn into a nightmare of Claus-trophobic proportions?!

"Very fun! I enjoyed everything! I learnt to act with different expressionsand voices!”

Reanne (age 8)

"He was truly excited about attending the programme for all 5 days. Great to see him so enthusiastic to go about his day!"

Bridget Lee, mother of Zachary (age 5)

"I loved learning about theatre through games! It was very fun and interesting!”

Charlotte (age 11)

"I enjoy seeing how the kids are so engaged in their imagination and play!"

Harris Zaidi, father of Zara & Aliya (age 5)

“I loved the programme! I met new friends and I got to act! I also learnt to be adaptable. <3”

Avery (age 8)

"The children make new friends and are not shy to speak on stage. All the kids are given a chance to do their best. Thank you for keeping it fun!”

Irina Gazoukina, mother of Karine & Alix (ages 5 & 9)

What You and Your Child Can Expect

Get your kids ready for some festive cheer with the Wild Rice Academy’s Holiday Drama Camp!

In this joyful five-day programme inspired by William Dean Howells’ classic short story, Christmas Every Day, participants will get to play characters, tell stories, develop their creativity and think outside of the (gift!) box.

And it’s fun for the whole family, because parents can get into the spirit of Christmas too! On the last day of the camp, there will be a parent-and-child workshop – featuring a storytelling segment in which the kids will take centre stage, as well as fun activities for the entire family to do together.

To maximise the enjoyment and learning potential for each child, we have designed our courses to be age-appropriate!

We have also kept our class sizes small to create a conducive learning environment for each child. Do sign up today before all the slots are snapped up!

For Ages 5 to 7

Dates: 22nd Nov (Tue) to 26th Nov (Sat) / 29th Nov (Tue) to 3rd Dec (Sat)
Time: 10am to 12pm

Stella and her friends love Christmas. But having it be Christmas just one day a year isn’t enough! They make a desperate wish to the Christmas Fairy – and celebrate once Christmas starts to repeat itself every day. But what happens when their dream comes true… and begins to turn into a nightmare?

For Ages 8 to 10

Dates: 22nd Nov (Tue) to 26th Nov (Sat) 
Time: 1.30pm to 3.30pm

Stella has always loved Christmas because she loves celebrating the holiday season with her friends. But, this year, her friends don’t seem as keen on it anymore. In fact, they don’t seem keen on doing anything with her nowadays. So what happens when Stella wishes for it to be Christmas every day… and her wish actually comes true?

Class Schedule & Fees
(22 Nov to 26 Nov / 29 Nov to 3 Dec)
AGES 8 TO 10
(22 Nov to 26 Nov)
1Tuesday10am – 12pm1:30pm – 3:30pm
5SaturdaySet the Stage:
Kids Get Ready!

10am – 11am

Set the Stage:
Kids Get Ready!

1:30pm – 2:30pm

Festive Family Fun:
Parents & Kids Workshop

11am – 12pm

Festive Family Fun:
Parents & Kids Workshop

2:30pm – 3:30pm

Programme Fees $420
GST 7% $29.40
Total $449.40

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