Audition Notice: MINE

As part of WILD RICE’s new residency programme for theatre directors, Thong Pei Qin will direct Mine (working title), a new play by Tan Suet Lee.

Mine tells the story of Molly, a cantankerous hoarder, who has to tidy her house at the request of her daughter, Su-Lin, whose boyfriend asks to visit. As Molly resists Su-Lin’s attempts to sort through all her things, Su-Lin resorts to drastic actions that unwittingly unearth buried truths.

Auditions: Friday, 21 August 2020 (12 – 5pm)
Rehearsals: 12 October to 8 November 2020
Bump-in/Shows: 9 to 14 November 2020

Casting Details


A Singaporean Chinese woman in her 30s, proficient in both English and basic Hokkien.

Sensible and spunky, she struggles to balance her duties as a filial daughter and her dreams of being an archaeologist. As her family’s breadwinner, the self-made college dropout is determined to stop her mother from hoarding – to get Molly to pull herself together despite being overwhelmed by life’s disappointments.

If you are able to commit to the above schedule, please e-mail with your CV (in pdf), a recent headshot and the subject line “Mine (your name)” by Monday, 17 August 2020, 11:59pm.

Please note that shortlisted applicants will be contacted on 19 August 2020.

Thank you.

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