Aftermath of a Little Riot

It was a riotous weekend, filled with surprises and possibilities – theatre at its most raw, experimental and daring. From 28-30 August 2014, the third cohort of young & W!LD staged Little Riots and Other Stories to soldout audiences at W!LD RICE’s intimate performance spaces in Little India.

The 16 members of the ensemble were split into two groups to perform the monologues they had written. But anyone expecting a straightforward set of performances would have been surprised. Under the guidance of programme directors Rodney Oliveiro and Serena Ho, each monologue was analysed, appraised and then woven into a larger whole.

Perry Shen and Saddam Hussein share one of the most arresting encounters of the night

The result was an electric charge of theatre: issues of race, religion and gender were bravely addressed, as the characters and themes of each story collided into one another. The actors were not afraid to remind one another that they were in the artificial construct of a play, even as they fully and fearlessly embodied their roles – delving into the tragicomic plight of a child with cerebral palsy, while exploring the shame and difficulties faced by a soon-to-be single mother.

Leonard Tan and Dawn Teo share an unexpected moment

“For this young and inventive troupe of artists, Little Riots represents a personal exploration of their own stories and artistic visions,” said Serena. “It was very challenging for them to work together on making choices for and creating the entire show from scratch. But it was enormously rewarding too.”

Goh Koon Hui as the Magician, in rehearsal with his group

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