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Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, has enjoyed a long, illustrious career in the Swiss watch-making industry. He talks to us about Hublot’s decision to serve as Presenting Sponsor of W!LD RICE’s annual charity gala, the RICE BALL, pointing out that there are – after all – many similarities between creating exquisite timepieces and crafting excellent theatre.

Hublot is a great champion of the arts internationally. Why do you believe it’s important to support the arts?

At Hublot, we greatly value creativity, innovation and passion – which is very much the essence of the artistic world. Mastering our ‘Art of Fusion’ philosophy, Hublot symbolises the merging of tradition and the future. Hublot is recognised for our continuous pursuit of excellence as well as our pushing of boundaries with the designs of our timepieces – which is similar to the originality and distinction that can be found in the theatre world.

How did W!LD RICE first come onto Hublot’s radar?

The Hour Glass, Singapore’s leading luxury watch retailer, has been our partner for over 30 years and opened up this new venture to us. We were extremely excited about coming on board. The RICE BALL is one of Singapore’s most highly-anticipated society events and, at Hublot, we believe greatly in the marketing philosophy of ‘concentration in diversity’. We pride ourselves on our strong collaborations and diverse partnerships with well-known brands around the world, exploring new universes where luxury brands are not necessarily expected. We saw a good fit between Hublot and W!LD RICE, and organically came together to become partners.

What aspects of W!LD RICE’s shows/ethos appeal to you?

At Hublot, we follow our concept: innovation and creativity. This allows us to constantly explore new grounds and connect to the future, creating desirable timepieces that are more than just timekeepers but also communicate a passion-driven state of mind. In a similar vein, the W!LD RICE group comprises individuals who have a strong passion for everything they do, something that we respect and value.

Thank you for attending the 12th RICE BALL last year! What was your favourite part of the programme?

The ball last year took its inspiration from the James Bond movies and the entire night was a true testament to W!LD RICE’s talents and originality. It was a great set-up, with great performances and entertainment; I had a great time! I thought the runway show featuring Frederick Lee’s stunning couture gowns paired with Hublot’s timepieces was very dynamic and well-put-together. It showcased Hublot in a different light, which I really enjoyed.

In its second year as Presenting Sponsor, Hublot will be designing a special timepiece specifically for the 13th RICE BALL. Can you tell us about that?

It’s a way for us to show our support to the group and also to cement our partnership. We believe in long-term investments and we have a sense that this relationship we’ve built with W!LD RICE will certainly be for the long run.

The King Power Royale is a pièce unique watch housed in a 48mm ceramic case and fitted with Hublot’s UNICO movement, engineered by our very own watch-makers. This watch in all ways merges Hublot’s strengths as a luxury watch brand that believes strongly in research and development as well as constantly exploring ways to incorporate new and different materials – once again, reiterating our philosophy of the ‘Art of Fusion’.

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