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1 December 2019
Creating a musical like “Peter Pan in Serangoon Gardens” is truly a team effort. Take to the skies with playwright Thomas Lim, lyricist Joel Tan and composer Julian Wong, as they share their challenges and inspirations in setting the stage for this year’s holiday musical!
13 October 2019
Playwright and director Thomas Lim takes us into the quirky ‘beforelife’ of Fair Play, a thought-provoking new piece about gender stereotypes and inequality. He opens up about the inspiration behind the play, why theatre matters to him, and how he deals with writer’s block.
15 August 2019
Veteran Malaysian actor Patrick Teoh chats with us about finding his character between the lines in Supervision, working in Singapore, and what he loves about performing in the theatre.
27 April 2018
A year ago, Thomas Lim’s aunt installed cameras in her house to keep tabs on her foreign domestic helpers. He shares with us how that act of surveillance unnerved him, but also inspired him to write about privacy and trust in his new play, Supervision.
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