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A Labour of Love

Dear Friends,

It's an exciting time to be working in W!LD RICE, even as La Cage Aux Folles is playing to standing ovations and we're dreaming up a new theatre in FUNAN. In this issue, we look behind the sparkles and the spangles to reveal the fiercely beating heart of this funny and moving show. In these dark and gloomy times, it's an absolute joy to watch our audiences go wild every night - having fun and falling in love with love and the theatre, all over again. Enjoy this month's W!LD TIMES... we can't wait to welcome you to the show!

Shawne Wang

A Gala Affair!
Our gala night audience leapt to their feet to give the incredible company of La Cage Aux Folles a standing ovation. Read all about the magic of that incredible evening!
It's Time For The Big Switch Again!
Follow Dwayne Lau as he goes from he to she, transforming into Letchmi Yentertain-You for La Cage Aux Folles!
See Things From A Different Angle!
The company of La Cage Aux Folles are blurring gender boundaries and stereotypes on stage every day – and they think you should try it too!
Finding Dorai
Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai plays Miss Air India in Boeing Boeing. Get to know this actor, bargain hunter and Shakespeare fan before you fly the friendly skies with her in June!
Dwayne Ng is young & W!LD!
Fresh off BMT in Pulau Tekong, Dwayne Ng is thrilled to be back in time for young & W!LD’s final showcase! He chats with us about his love of writing and the challenges he’s encountered with The Bald Soprano.