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Nov/Dec 2015 || Issue No. 30

A Royal Treat!

Dear friends of W!LD RICE,

The Emperor's New Clothes has won rave reviews from audiences and critics alike - thank you, John Bittleston, for your kind words! It gives me great pleasure to take you behind the scenes of this extraordinary musical extravaganza. In this issue, we interview director Pam Oei, a superwoman who miraculously juggles her directing duties with being a mother, one third of the Dim Sum Dollies, as well as the lead singer of rock band Ugly In The Morning. Thank you, Pam, for inspiring everyone in this production with your vision, and for shining a spotlight on Singapore music and the talented musicians we can proudly call our own!

We also chat with Singapore Idol Sezairi about making his stage debut in a show that requires him to sing, act, dance and play an instrument at the same time. Head into the private quarters of the royal palace to find out more about Lim Kay Siu and Audrey Luo, our Emperor and Empress; and meet three incredibly talented FIRST STAGE! Kids - Anne-Sophie Cazaubon, Nadim Sazwan and Rizq Suhaimi - who give us hope for the future of Singapore theatre!

In the Singapuran Legend of Bukit Merah (the Swordfish Attack), the vain Sultan and his ministers execute Hang Nadim, a young boy, for being too smart for his own good. How serendipitous that, in The Emperor's New Clothes, the little boy who dares speak the truth is played by a boy named 'Nadim'. Its significance is not lost on the Company - and it confirms our belief that there's magic in the theatre!

We hope you enjoy W!LD TIMES!

My best,

Hot Off The Press!

Thought-Provoking Fun

The Emperor's New Clothes moved John Bittleston of Terrific Mentors International to write a review of the show. A British businessman and W!LD RICE Angel who has been a resident of Singapore for over thirty years, John took the time to share some of his thoughts on this year's W!LD RICE pantomime. Read more...

Pam Pulls It Off!

Putting up a show on the scale of The Emperor's New Clothes really takes a village - especially when every single actor is also playing an instrument on stage! We chat with super-director Pam Oei about her extraordinary vision for this year's pantomime, the creative and technical challenges she had to overcome, and her inspiration and passion for directing. Read more...

Taking the Stage

After winning Singapore Idol in 2009, Sezairi has grown accustomed to performing his music in front of thousands of people. But he's had to step out of his comfort zone for The Emperor’s New Clothes, in which he has been entertaining audiences by singing, acting, dancing and playing the guitar – all at the same time! Sezairi chats with us about making his stage debut and getting addicted to theatre. Read more...

The King and Queen of Hearts

Emperor and Empress, husband and wife, young lovers, bickering married couple - Lim Kay Siu and Audrey Luo play out one of the wackiest and most surprisingly poignant love stories you'll see on the Singapore stage this year. W!LD TIMES chats with them about finding the softer sides of their characters in The Emperor's New Clothes. Read more...

In Other News...

A Royal Affair

Fun and laughter were in fashion at our fabulous gala premiere!

Fit as a Fiddle

W!LD Child Anne-Sophie Cazaubon steals hearts - and scenes - with her violin and her voice! Read more...

New Kids on the Block

Meet Nadim and Rizq, hip-hop dancers making their stage debuts as FIRST STAGE! Kids! Read more...

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