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March 2014 // Issue No. 12


Getting the House ready for You!

Dear friends and W!LD RICE Angels,

With just over a week to go before we open, we've been working at full tilt to bring you the best show we possibly can. We've had full runs with our amazing all-female cast and chorus (that's 38 women of all ages, shapes and sizes!), and costume parades with seventy hand-made outfits. Very soon, we'll be moving into the theatre - building the set, hanging lights, calibrating sound and dress-rehearsing as we prepare to perform the show for you.

In this issue, we get up close and personal with four members of our fantastic cast – Claire Wong finds Bernarda's heart; Margaret Chan explores Maria Josefa's madness; Jo Kukathas fades into the shadows (not literally!); and Sharda Harrison hides a secret. We also find out more about the invaluable role played in any production by the wardrobe manager (thank you, Theresa Chan, for helping me realise every single one of the costumes), and two members of our 28-strong, all-female ensemble. We can hardly wait to welcome you to the theatre!

My best,

Up Close and Personal

Mistress of the house

It's easy to paint, and play, Bernarda Alba as a tyrant. Claire Wong talks to us about learning to love her character, and digging beneath Bernarda's hard exterior to unearth her heart and humanity. Read more...

The point of madness

Maria Josefa, Bernarda's mother, may rant and rave. But there's method, and certainly wisdom, in her madness. Margaret Chan explains the challenges of playing a role that is, by necessity, less than whole. Read more...

Shadow of a doubt

It's a thrill for W!LD RICE to welcome Jo Kukathas back to the Singaporean stage as Poncia, a maid who has worked with - and shadowed - Bernarda Alba for over thirty years. Read more...

A hard-knock life

Almost everyone in The House Of Bernarda Alba has a secret. What does Blanca, the young, seemingly inncoent maid played by Sharda Harrison, have to hide? Read more...

In The Spotlight


Check out our trailer for The House Of Bernarda Alba here!

Coming out of the closet

Wardrobe manager Theresa Chan finds joy in her unexpected career switch. Read more...

A chorus line

We chat with two members of our all-female ensemble. Read more...

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