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// September 2013 // Issue No. 7


Jack & The Bean-Sprout!

Dear friends and W!LD RICE Angels,

When W!LD RICE first decided to stage an annual Christmas pantomime, we had a fairly simple goal. We would invest the time and effort in creating three or four original pantomimes, which we could then stage repeatedly for years to come. That's the practice of theatre companies in the UK, and it seemed a sound strategy for us to adopt. But, as you all know, W!LD RICE has always reached for the stars. In the past ten years, we've staged seven original pantomimes and revived only two of them. Our upcoming production of Jack & The Bean-Sprout!, too, is something you've never seen before. Joel Tan has re-written the script of our 2006 version of Jack, Elaine Chan has furnished us with new songs, and costumes have been re-designed. We can't wait for you to see it!

In this issue, we begin our in-depth coverage of just what goes into the making of a pantomime. Joel explains how he came to re-work the script for Jack. Veteran panto actresses Karen Tan and Siti Khalijah chat with us about the joys of performing for kids and adults alike. Moe Kasim talks about his design concept for Jack. We give you a glimpse of rehearsals for our incredibly talented FIRST STAGE ensemble of children. We hope you're as excited as we are for the pantomime at the end of the year. Enjoy W!LD TIMES!

My best,

Hot Off The Press!

Jack Of All Trades

Poetry. Fiction. Plays. And now... Pantomimes! Joel Tan tells us about how he went from Family Outing to family-friendly, and gives us a sneak peek of what to expect from his re-working of Jack & The Bean-Sprout!. Read more...


Harp! The Herald Angels Sing!

In 2003, veteran theatre actor Karen Tan performed in W!LD RICE's very first pantomime. Now, ten years later, she talks to us about returning for Jack & The Bean-Sprout! and what performing in our yearly pantomimes has meant to her. Read more...


Goose intentions

Siti Khalijah can break your heart... and make you howl with laughter. After bringing down the roof in last year's Hansel & Gretel, Siti is back to play Goose Mangat in Jack & The Bean-Sprout!. She tells us why she loves being a part of a pantomime - whether as an actor or an audience member. Read more...


Costume party with Moe Kasim!

From aspiring performer to award-winning costume designer, Moe Kasim has left his mark on the local theatre industry. Here, he talks about the inspiration and perspiration involved in designing the look of a W!LD RICE pantomime. Read more...


In The Limelight


FIRST STAGE kids rehearse for Jack!

Our incredibly talented and adorable ensemble of kids get panto-ready! Read more...


Help A Child, Donate A Book!

Help us collect books for underprivileged kids!


Seeking volunteers for Jack and the Bean-Sprout!

Want to help out with front-of-house duties?


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