What is it in real LIFE that inspires the ART on stage?
How does ART relate to, engage with, and resonate with LIFE?

The Art & Life Sessions is a series of free lively forums about the urgent issues of the day. Engage with some of the most forward thinking minds of “the concerned citizenry” – personalities, politicians, artists, activists and academics – to exchange views and opinions about the pressing issues of our times.

Chasing Elusive Rainbows

‘Chasing Elusive Rainbows’
Sun 14 Jul / 5.30pm / Lowercase
In conjunction with the play Dreamplay: Asian Boys Vol. 1, this forum will track the various gains and setbacks experienced by the LGBT community in Singapore, from Pink Dot to 377A. It asks how far the community has come, and whether Singapore will ever be ready to embrace it.

Moderators & Participants to be confirmed

WORKSHOP – Writing The Unwritable: Exploring Taboos Through Playwriting
Sat 13 Jul, 3 – 6 pm
Price: $20


Most writers feel that there are certain lines that should not be crossed in their writing. But how did such policing emerge in the first place? How is our creativity blocked by this notion of the ‘cop in the head’? In this workshop, Alfian Sa’at will lead participants through exercises that will allow them to confront their self-censoring fears—both real and imagined.

By examining forms such as allegory and satire, participants will learn how to use certain forms to express the ‘unwritable’. They will develop a keener appreciation of certain resources that are indispensible to good writing, namely: playfulness, irreverence and subversion.

To register, please contact Tricia Tang on 6292 2695 or marketing@wildrice.com.sg

Fri 12 Jul, Sat 13 Jul & Fri 19 Jul, 10.30pm / Lowercase Café

Cooling Off Day Reloaded

Neo Swee Lin, Jo Kukathas, Janice Koh, Rodney Oliviero, Najib Soiman and Peter Sau reunite for a special edition of the documentary play Cooling-Off Day, which captured the excitement surrounding the 2011 General Elections in Singapore.

In this instalment, the texts will be performed by lottery, through a ‘tikam-tikam’ format involving audience participation. Taxi drivers will share the same stage as economists, while opposition politicians trade views with grassroots leaders. Get set for a night of political pyrotechnics as the LaSalle Campus Green is transformed into our very own Speakers’ Corner.

This is Cooling-Off Day, and the issues are still HOT! Don’t miss it!

Talkback Thursday / Feedback Friday
Your feedback plays a critical part in the development of new writing, and this is an opportunity to share your experience of the play, with the playwright and director, and with other members of the audience. Performances on Fri 12 July (Cook a Pot of Curry) and Thu 18 Jul (The Optic Trilogy) will be followed by a “Meet the Artists” session in the respective theatre venues.


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