11 August 2019
Janice Koh opens up about Supervision and surveillance, performing in WILD RICE @ Funan for the first time, and what theatre has taught her.
30 December 2018
From the Singapore Theatre Festival to A $ingapore Carol, we are proud to have presented 9 new works that showcase the very best of Singapore’s talent. Here’s what your favourite theatre company achieved in 2018, and what you can look forward to in 2019.
5 December 2018
Meet Keyaan and Jiyann Ow – an adorable pair of siblings who are acting, singing and dancing together for the first time in A $ingapore Carol!
5 November 2018
What goes bump in the night? Ghosts… but also actors! The four Ghosts of A $ingapore Carol share a few ghost stories from Singapore’s many theatre venues – and let us in on a few of their bump-in secrets!
5 November 2018
You can’t make a musical without musicians – and the live band behind A $ingapore Carol is the best in the business! What do these incredible performers love about making musical theatre?
5 November 2018
Terence Tay is turning up the charm in A $ingapore Carol as Larry Loo, the kind-hearted nephew of a grade-A miser. He chats with us about chope culture, trying durians for the first time, and more!
5 November 2018
A $ingapore Carol was a smash hit with our gala night audiences. Head down Lorong Memori to revisit that special evening with us!
5 November 2018
From Miss Saigon to Broadway Beng, Sebastian Tan takes us through his incredible career – and tells us why the role of S.K. Loo in A $ingapore Carol is a real departure for him.
5 November 2018
In a few weeks’ time, Rachel Chin will be making her WILD RICE debut in A $ingapore Carol. Get to know this triple threat before she takes the stage, and find out why she cites Lara Croft as one of her formative influences!
5 November 2018
At just eight years old, Estovan Reizo Cheah has been performing for more than half his life. Meet this pint-sized powerhouse as he gets ready to sing and dance up a storm in A $ingapore Carol!
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