23 October 2019
Meet the six actors who will unravel history and question the myth of colonialism in Merdeka / 獨立 /சுதந்திரம். How did they prepare to play multiple roles? What have they learnt? Find out here!
13 October 2019
Playwright and director Thomas Lim takes us into the quirky ‘beforelife’ of Fair Play, a thought-provoking new piece about gender stereotypes and inequality. He opens up about the inspiration behind the play, why theatre matters to him, and how he deals with writer’s block.
2 September 2019
Close to four decades ago, Stella Kon wrote one of the most iconic plays in Singapore theatre history. She chats with us about creating Emily of Emerald Hill, what the play means to her, and her life-long love of the theatre.
15 August 2019
Veteran Malaysian actor Patrick Teoh chats with us about finding his character between the lines in Supervision, working in Singapore, and what he loves about performing in the theatre.
11 August 2019
Janice Koh opens up about Supervision and surveillance, performing in WILD RICE @ Funan for the first time, and what theatre has taught her.
30 December 2018
From the Singapore Theatre Festival to A $ingapore Carol, we are proud to have presented 9 new works that showcase the very best of Singapore’s talent. Here’s what your favourite theatre company achieved in 2018, and what you can look forward to in 2019.
5 December 2018
Meet Keyaan and Jiyann Ow – an adorable pair of siblings who are acting, singing and dancing together for the first time in A $ingapore Carol!
5 November 2018
What goes bump in the night? Ghosts… but also actors! The four Ghosts of A $ingapore Carol share a few ghost stories from Singapore’s many theatre venues – and let us in on a few of their bump-in secrets!
5 November 2018
You can’t make a musical without musicians – and the live band behind A $ingapore Carol is the best in the business! What do these incredible performers love about making musical theatre?
5 November 2018
Terence Tay is turning up the charm in A $ingapore Carol as Larry Loo, the kind-hearted nephew of a grade-A miser. He chats with us about chope culture, trying durians for the first time, and more!
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