by Teater Ekamatra
28 Oct 2022, 8pm
29 Oct 2022, 3pm & 8pm
30 Oct 2022, 3pm & 8pm

Wild Rice @ Funan

Make Hantus Great Again is a satirical, supernatural, and political comedy. It follows the second ever General Elections of the Convention of Metaphysical Entities (COME), the national administrative body (and support group) for Singapore’s population of hantus (ghosts), pontianaks, vampires, jiang shis, and other supernatural beings. Each race sends forth a candidate, each with their own crazed agenda. Will the vampires bring an orgy of anarchy? Will the jinn impose their own brand of magical dictatorship? Or will the ghosts… make hantus great again? That’s for the audience to decide as their vote will determine the result of the most important elections of their lives… and afterlives.

Make Hantus Great Again marks the theatrical debut of best-selling author, Suffian Hakim (of Harris Bin Potter and the Stoned Philosopher fame). Directed by Rizman Putra, Make Hantus Great Again stars Hafidz Rahman, Munah Bagharib, Azizul ‘Izzy’ Mahathir, Farah Lola, Jamil Schulze, Neo Hai Bin, and Norisham Osman.

Duration: approximately 1 hour 30 minutes (with no interval)

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Hafidz Rahman
Munah Bagharib
Azizul ‘Izzy’ Mahathir
Farah Lola
Jamil Schulze
Neo Hai Bin
Norisham Osman

Director: Rizman Putra
Playwright: Suffian Hakim