22 Jul – 9 Aug 2021

Wild Rice @ Funan

Zubir Said made history with his music. In 1958, he composed Majulah Singapura – the iconic song that has galvanised our nation, and is still sung all over the island to this very day. But there is so much more to Zubir Said’s remarkable career than the song that has come to define it.

Intent on pursuing his dream of becoming a musician, he defied his father’s wishes and left his village in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, to settle in Singapore. Over 40 years, he became one of the pioneers of Singapore’s nascent music industry – composing close to 1,500 songs as well as countless original scores for Cathay-Keris Film Productions. Later in his life, Zubir Said dedicated all his energies to teaching children how to read, play and love music.

In the weeks leading up to National Day, Wild Rice invites you to come and meet the man behind the melody we all know by heart. A joyful, moving and inspiring celebration of Zubir Said’s life and legacy, Don’t Call Him Mr. Mari Kita is written by Julian Wong – one of Singapore’s most acclaimed music directors – and directed by Ivan Heng.

Accompanied live by his virtuoso band, Julian will bring you the best of Zubir Said’s songbook, from beloved classics like Semoga Bahagia, Sayang di Sayang and Orang Singapura, to rare musical gems long thought to have been lost forever.

You’ll never sing ‘Mari Kita’ in the same way again!

IMDA Rating: To Be Advised

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This production is based on and inspired by Sayang di Sayang: The Lesser Known Works of Zubir Said, which was first performed at National Gallery Singapore as part of the 2019 Light to Night Festival.

Julian Wong


Abdul Wafi Abdul Rashid
Hannah Nordin
Rohaniah Sa’id


Din Safari
Leonard Mikhail
Riduan Zalani
Tang Jia

Written by Julian Wong
Directed by Ivan Heng
Dramaturg Alfian Sa’at
Lighting Designer Alberta Wileo
Sound Designer Lim Cheng Yi
Multimedia Designer He Shuming
Costume Designer Frederick Lee