20 August 2020, 9pm

Art & Life: Who’s Afraid Of Digital Theatre?

Due to the current pandemic, theatre-makers have found themselves exploring a new frontier: online performances. We’ve seen examples of ‘Zoom theatre’ and performances created especially for online viewing. But are these projects improvisations for the present… or a portent of the future?

In this live dialogue session, we discuss the possibilities and pitfalls of digital theatre by looking at case studies from the region. How has working online facilitated transnational collaborations? Is the medium redefining our relationships with our audiences and the authorities? Is digital theatre ultimately limiting or liberating?

WILD RICE’s first Southeast Asian online panel will feature Kwin Bhichitkul from Thailand on In Own Space,Jo Kukathas from Malaysia on Zoom Parah and Sim Yan Ying “YY” from Singapore on Who’s There? It will be moderated by WILD RICE’s Resident Playwright, Alfian Sa’at.

Join us live on Youtube and Facebook on 20 August at 9pm SGT!
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