11 June 2020, 9pm

Art & Life: I Cannot See You

Racial Representation and Anti-Racism in Performance

“I cannot see you.”

It’s a tired joke, but one that many dark-skinned minorities in Singapore have encountered throughout their lives.

In this dialogue session, we use this joke as a launching point to examine how Singapore’s theatre community has dealt with issues of racial presence and visibility across the years.

Is it enough for us to practise colour-blind casting, or should we create roles specifically for minorities? Should we move from practices that are racially diverse and inclusive towards those that are more actively anti-racist? And can we use performances to invent a new lens to look at race, and a new language to talk about race?

At a time when critical conversations about race and representation have been ignited all over the world, join playwrights Pooja Nansi, Vithya Subramaniam and Joel Tan in this timely and thought-provoking discussion with WILD RICE’s Resident Playwright Alfian Sa’at.

Join us live on Youtube and Facebook on 11 June at 9pm SGT!
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