A Young & Wild Production
11 – 14 May 2023

Wild Rice @ Funan

What would you do if you lost an hour out of your day? How much are those stolen moments worth to you? And how far would you go to get that time back?

Determined to retrieve her missing hour, Lisa embarks on a surreal adventure into the weird, wacky underworld of Dissocia. Brimming with imagination, magic and possibility, it’s the kind of place where polar bears sing and cars fly.

But, as Lisa spends more time in Dissocia, she begins to discover the dangers that lurk beneath its bright, colourful surface. She meets a host of strange, funny characters, from a violent scapegoat to insecurity guards, all of whom desperately want her to stay in Dissocia – hopefully forever.

A fiercely tragicomic exploration of trauma and mental health, The Wonderful World of Dissocia turns theatrical convention inside out to hilarious and heartbreaking effect. In playwright Anthony Neilson’s own words, “if you like Alice in Wonderland but there’s not enough sex and violence in it, then Dissocia is the show for you.”

Proudly presented by Wild Rice, this thrilling, inventive new production of The Wonderful World of Dissocia sees Young & Wild – the eighth cohort of our award-winning youth ensemble – taking centre stage in this “wildly imaginative play” that “carries both insight and heart” (Variety).

Duration: approximately 2 hours (including intermission)
IMDA Advisory 16 (Some Mature Content and Coarse Language)
Content Warning: Contains strong language and scenes relating to sexual violence and mental health that some may find upsetting.

For visitor safety information, click here.

Thu & Fri, 7:30pm / Sat & Sun, 2:30pm & 7:30pm
$25 for students

Eleanor Ee
Michelle Hariff
Hoe Wei Qi
Elisa Mustika
Gosteloa Spancer
Nicole Shaan
Monil SJ
Su Paing Tun
Jovi Tan
Valerie Tan Su Min
Tiara Yap
Christian Yeo

Playwright Anthony Neilson
Director Edith Podesta
Set Designer Akbar Syadiq
Lighting Designer Amirul Azmi
Costume Designer Max Tan
Music Composer Inch Chua
Sound Designer Bani Haykal
Props Master Joyce Gan
Choreographer Ryan Ang
Hair Designer Ashley Lim
Make-Up Designer Bobbie Ng