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Making Art for Everyone

Dear Friends,

As artists, we try every day to make art that reaches out to everyone - art that transcends time, and art that touches people from all walks of life. That's why we currently have two companies of artists working at full tilt to breathe modern sensibilities into classics like Boeing Boeing and The Bald Soprano. You can get to know some of these incredible artists in this issue, before you join us at the theatre.

For all our good intentions, however, we're reminded every once in a while of how far we still have to go, and how much more we can do. In that regard, Alfian Sa'at, our Resident Playwright, offers some essential context on the controversy that recently erupted over race and representation in local films, which we hope will give you some food for thought.

See you at the theatre! 

Shawne Wang

On Race and Stereotypes in Casting
In recent days, a firestorm of controversy has erupted over racial stereotyping in local films. But, as Alfian Sa’at points out, that’s hardly an isolated problem –  minority-race actors in Singapore have long suffered from a lack of representation in the arts.
There's Something About Judee!
She’s made you laugh, but comedy firecracker Judee Tan will also make you think! She shares with us her thoughts on being funny, accents and attitudes, and finding truth in the work she does.
I'd Like To Know: Shane Mardjuki
Shane Mardjuki can do it all: from intense drama in The Pillowman to mile-high comedy in Boeing Boeing. He chats with us about Kumar, a booger-related mystery from his childhood, and spotting elusive wildlife in Singapore.
Nat Koh takes Centre Stage!
What’s it like to step out from the wings and into the limelight? Nat Koh chats with us about making the transition from stage manager to star in young & W!LD’s The Bald Soprano!
Hitting the Right Notes with Alison Bickham
From Chinese dance to improvising scenes with her sister, Alison Bickham has had quite the journey as a performer! She chats with us about her time in young & W!LD and what we can expect from The Bald Soprano!

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