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The Importance of Being Earnest

10 APRIL - 4 MAY 2013

LIFE! Theatre Awards 2010 WINNER
§ Best Production of the Year
§ Best Supporting Actor - Chua Enlai
§ Best Costume Design - Frederick Lee

LIFE! Theatre Awards 2010 NOMINATIONS
§ Best Director - Glen Goei
§ Best Supporting Actor - Ivan Heng


Two dashing romeos bend the truth to spice up their lives. Jack has invented a brother, Ernest, whom he uses to escape his dull country life, and to woo the ravishing Gwendolyn. His best friend Algernon also decides to take the name 'Ernest' to cosy up to Jack's beautiful ward, Cecily, in the country. However, things get messy when their deceptions are discovered, threatening to spoil their romantic pursuits.

Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest is one of the world’s most enduringly popular comedies, boasting some of the funniest lines of the English language.

In WILD RICE’s exciting production, celebrated theatre and film director Glen Goei puts a provocative spin on this comic masterpiece by casting an all-male ensemble - revealing new insights into Wilde’s comedy about courtship, hidden identities, and the foibles of high society.

With a sensational international cast, dressed to the nines by fashion doyen Frederick Lee, and live music by The Ensemble Dimension Players, The Importance of Being Earnest promises to lift your spirits with an evening of sparkling wit, laughter and love.

Don’t miss the chance to catch this radical, gender bending and absolutely W!LD interpretation of Wilde’s classic, which premiered in 2009 to much critical and popular acclaim. After a sold-out three-week run, it went on to win three awards at the 2010 Life! Theatre Awards for Best Production, Best Supporting Actor (Chua Enlai), Best Costume Design (Frederick Lee) as well as nominations for Best Director (Glen Goei) and Best Supporting Actor (Ivan Heng). 

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“Visually Ravishing and Extremely Compelling”
– SPH The Business Times

“W!LD RICE's all-male staging of Oscar Wilde's iconic play has verve and polish”

“The stage oozed style and sophistication”

“A delightful evening of satire and wit”

– ST Life!

“The entire theatre revelled in the sheer delight of Wilde's witty retorts and sly critique of society's pretences and pretentiousness.”
- ST Life!

“It is not often that audiences here get to see such a successful staging of this classic play." 
- ST Life!

“Wilde fun of the most side-splitting kind. The more you watched, the more you laughed”
- The Star

“Vibrantly capturing as it does the original spirit of Oscar Wilde's play while offering a fresh take on this classic text”
 – The Flying Inkpot

“Director Glen Goei captures the flamboyant wit and madcap spirit of Oscar Wilde's script in all its vivid glory”
– The Flying Inkpot


Director Glen Goei
Set Designer Ivan Heng
Lighting Designer Mac Chan 
Costume Designer Frederick Lee
Hair Designer Ashley Lim
Sound Designer Shah Tahir 
Make-Up Design Beno Lim (M.A.C) 
Producer Tony Trickett


Brendon Fernandez - Algernon Moncrieff
Crispian Chan -Lane/Merriman
Daniel York - John Worthing
Ivan Heng - Lady Bracknell
Chua Enlai - Gwendolen Fairfax
Hossan Leong - Miss Prism
Gavin Yap - Cecily Cardew
Lim Kay Siu - Rev. Canon Chasuble

With Live Musical Accompaniment by
The Ensemble Dimension Players:
Seah Huan Yuh - 1st Violin
Wilford Goh - 2nd Violin
Christoven Gerad Tan - Viola
Lin Juan - Cello