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19 - 23 JANUARY 2011

Directed by JONATHAN LIM

In early Singapura, the people wondered whether to stay or to leave.

In early Singapura, the rulers would remake the rules to suit their needs.

In early Singapura, those who dared to question were snuffed out.

Thank goodness it’s all changed.

The second batch of young & W!LD presents a powerfully imaginative, bitingly relevant and darkly funny play that casts new light on our oldest tales! Leaping from the pages of the Sejarah Melayu (Malay Annals), history and myth intertwine in this strange yet familiar world of covenants and curses, tyrants and todak (swordfish). From the slaughtered boy whose unjustly spilled blood stained our soil red to the sultan’s concubine whose wrongful death damned the kingdom – come re-encounter the legends of a younger and wilder Singapore.

First premiered at the OCBC Singapore Theatre Festival 2008, Kee Thuan Chye's incisive and witty satire is now boldly re-imagined by a new generation of actors in this hard-hitting, rapid-flowing and highly-physical production of thrilling transformations.  Watch 7 actors take on a seemingly endless array of roles as they breathe life into a Singapura you’ve never imagined!

One saviour.

One martyr.

One traitor.

One Singapura.


Swordfish + Concubine: The Fall of Singapura unravels two tales from the Sejarah Melayu (Malay Annals). The better-known one is the legendary tale of Hang Nadim, the wise kampung boy who boldly speaks up and saves the kingdom from a bloody swordfish attack but ends up being executed as a threat to political stability. Legend has it that it is his unjustly spilled blood that stained the soil of Bukit Merah red.

The tale of the concubine begins with a covenant made between Sang Nila Utama and Demang Lebar Daun the chief of Palembang - binding Singapura’s future rulers and subjects in a relationship of mutual respect. Generations later, the concubine Nurhalisa is falsely accused & summarily executed. This shameful act breaks the covenant and unleashes a curse upon Singapura – the kingdom is invaded and conquered by the Majapahit.

These tales are an integral part of Singapura’s heritage – both as part of our legendary past, and also as a vivid reminder of how rulers and citizens should honour each other.

Kamal Abdul Rahim, Faizal Abdullah, Johannes Hadi, Adi Jamaludin, Grace Khoo,
Yin Mei J J Lenden-Hitchcock, Elizabeth Loh

ABOUT young & W!LD
young & W!LD is a division of W!LD RICE committed to training and nurturing Singapore’s most
promising young talents. This innovative actor-training programme aims to prepare the next
generation of actors for the professional theatre scene.

In addition to practical training that emphasises versatility, dedication, discipline and deeper
understanding of all aspects of theatre-making, the young & W!LD philosophy also stresses the
role that actors (and theatre) play in shaping our society.

The young & W!LD actors learn that as artists, they have a responsibility to the audience and the
wider public - to illuminate, to educate, to communicate, and to share in the common experience. W!LD RICE is proud to invest in the future of Singapore theatre by playing its part in developing our next generation of multi-skilled, socially-aware and creatively-versatile theatre practitioners.

young & W!LD is led by Artistic Director Jonathan Lim.

8.00pm  Wed - Sun
2.30pm  Sat & Sun

$30 (Standard ticket)
$20 (Concession for Students/NSFs/Senior Citizens)

Tickets available through:
SISTIC Website
SISTIC Hotline  (65) 6348 5555
SISTIC Authorised Agents islandwide

Schools may use the Tote Board Arts Grant to subsidise up to  60% of the cost of the programme.

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