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2 DECEMBER 2004 - 9 JANUARY 2005

“It's hard not to fall in love with Aladdin. It's so charming, kids and adults will fall under its spell.” – SPH The Straits Times LIFE!

"I give Aladdin 5 stars out of 4! And it holds a money back guarantee from me from anyone that doesn't like it. I loved how the actors had as much fun performing as the audience had watching it! With a cast made up of Singapore's finest and a highly creative script, it's a show that's for anyone from 5 to 105. You walk out of the theatre feeling fully entertained!" – Steven Shalowitz, Host of "Gold Getaway" Gold 90.5 FM

Praise from the Audience

"An enjoyable experience for all ages." – Lam Kwai Fern, Lecturer
“This has changed my mind about local productions completely. Absolutely Fabulous!!" - Alan Wee, Legal Counsel
"What a riot! Fun and enjoyable!" – Kok Kam Fei, Publishing
"A world class production, worth every cent I paid! We'll come again" – Aileen Lee, mother of 2

Are 3 wishes enough to make all 5 C’s come true?

In this flamboyant retelling, Aladdin is a Far East Plaza street kid who is entrapped by the Wicked Wizard Abrabanana in the Batu Caves. And Princess Jasmine is an heiress who is locked up by her protective father, Sultan Mustacha, in the Mustacha Centre. How will true love between these two prevail? What will Widow Wonky have to say about her son Aladdin’s choice? And what evils will the Wicked Wizard AbraBanana unleash if he gets his hands on the Magic Lamp?

Following the runaway success of last Christmas’s Cinderel-LAH!, ALADDIN is set to be the “die-die-must-see” family blockbuster of the holiday season! Selena Tan, Elaine Chan, Glen Goei (The Revenge of the Dim Sum Dollies team!), and an all-singing-and-dancing cast have come together to create a magic carpet ride of surprising visual treats, boisterous stage gags, and catchy, feel-good tunes!


Playwright Selena Tan
Musical Director/Composer Elaine Chan 
Director Glen Goei
Choral Director John Lee
Choreography Zaini Mohammad Tahir
Set Design Tan Ju Meng
Lighting Design Suven Chan
Costume Design Moe Kasim
Hair & Wigs Ashley Lim
Make-up Design Elaine Lee 
Production Manager Pierre-André Salim
Stage Manager Woo Hsia Ling
Technical Manager Teo Kuang Han


Robin Goh - Aladdin
Emma Yong - Princess Jasmine
Karen Tan - Wizard AbraBanana
Jonathan Lim - Widow Wonky
Juwanda Hassim - Genie of the Lamp
Chua Enlai - Sultan Mustacha/ESpirit
Denise Tan - Genie of the Ring
Chermaine Ang - Sultana Mustacha
Adrian Lim - Ting/Guard 1
Marcus Yi - Tong/Guard 2
Gordon Choy - Camel
Jacqueline Pereira - Chorus
Mariel Reyes - Chorus

The W!LD Kids
Cherie Choo
Darryl Chua Yan Zhang
Jerome Dass
Joshua Luke Dyason
Nathan Goh Jin Wei
Hee Ling Yi
Duane Russell Ho Jiaming
Carmen Ko
Pasakorn Konwohrachet
Claire Marie Lim
Valtino Philemon Manen
Shanice E Nathan
Samantha Ng
Juvina Ratnam
Joshua Seng
Kimberly Acumen Sypongco
Isaac Tan
Tan Sheng Han
Rebecca Teng Siew Yan
Marco Ter
Lucas Tjia
Crystle Wee Shi Yi
Shona Winslow
Risa Ann Wong
Millicent Wong