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AUDITION NOTICE - Audtions on 1 & 2 March. Read more here!

young & W!LD is a division of W!LD RICE committed to training and nurturing Singapore’s most promising young talents.  This innovative actor-training programme aims to prepare the next generation of actors for the professional theatre scene.

In addition to practical training that emphasises versatility, dedication, discipline and a deeper understanding of all aspects of theatre-making, the young & W!LD philosophy also stresses the role that actors (and theatre) play in shaping our society.  The young & W!LD actors learn that as artists, they have a responsibility to the audience and the wider public – to illuminate, to educate, to communicate; and to always share in the common experience.

W!LD RICE is proud to invest in the future of Singapore theatre by playing its part in developing our next generation of multi-skilled, socially-aware and creatively-versatile theatre practitioners.


young & W!LD
’s shows are far more than showcases.  They are the next phase of their training – where all the talk, thought and training finally becomes action, realisation and execution.  Plus the all-important missing piece – you, the audience.

Over three productions, these ten actors learn what it really means to be an actor – to serve a vision, to immerse themselves in a text, to surrender themselves to their characters, to negotiate a creative process, to dig deep into themselves for untapped reserves of stamina, imagination, discipline and empathy.  They will also learn how a show really comes together.

young & W!LD believes in actors who understand how it all works and therefore know best how to function as part of the team.  Throughout the Training Season, the actors take on production roles – from understudying and assisting designers to handling production management, stage management, wardrobe co-ordination and so on.  Beyond rehearsals, they are also part of the recces, production meetings and design discussions; and tackle the shopping, measuring, sketching, copywriting, scheduling and countless other tasks that are equally part of theatre-making.