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young & W!LD is a division of W!LD RICE dedicated to training and nurturing Singapore’s most promising young talents. Under the stewardship of programme directors Rodney Oliveiro and Serena Ho, this innovative training programme aims to prepare the next generation of theatre practitioners for careers in our professional theatre industry.

In addition to practical training that emphasises versatility, dedication, discipline and a deeper understanding of all aspects of theatre-making, the young & W!LD philosophy also stresses the role that theatre and its practitioners play in shaping our society. 

The young & W!LD team learn that, as artists, they have a responsibility to the audience and the wider public – to illuminate, to educate, to communicate; and to always share in the common experience of theatre.

W!LD RICE is proud to invest in the future of Singapore theatre by playing its part in developing our next generation of multi-skilled, socially aware and creatively versatile theatre practitioners.


young & W!LD aims to recruit and train young people who see theatre as a platform for social change. The programme will further develop their voices as artists and hone their critical skills and objectivity, be it in the field of acting, writing, designing, etc.

The ultimate goal and challenge of the programme is to find and collaborate with new, emerging artists to create a collective or ensemble that will work closely together to create and showcase new works over the course of eighteen months.

The programme will focus on performance and theatre-making skills. Workshops will include a grounding in Anne Bogart's Viewpoints as a system of theatre-making, as well as using the outside environment as a stimuli for creating performance. Using August Boal's methodology, extensive work will also be done in terms of ensemble-building.

This programme is made possible by the generous donation of Simone Lourey & William Randall.